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The charm of the pitching technique

by:XY Screens     2021-09-21
Inner ball throwing technology is an emerging display technology. It breaks the limitation that the projected image can only be a plane regular pattern in the past. It uses a special optical lens to transform the ordinary plane image into a spherical screen. Form an image of an internally projected sphere.  The inner pitching ball uses a high-lumen projector, which can play various video-changing images, so that the entire sphere looks like a sci-fi crystal ball, which can well attract the attention of visitors.  The core part of the outside pitching technology is a spherical projection screen. The entire outside surface of the outside pitching ball is covered by an image. When we play a video image of the earth's surface on the outside pitching ball, the entire outside pitching ball looks like an earth. When the video we play is changing, the audience can feel the outside pitching ball spinning, as if the earth is spinning.  The video of the outside pitching is composed of pictures projected by 4 projectors. After curved edge correction and seamless splicing technology, a complete image is formed on the outside pitching. The playback content is customized according to customer requirements. Multimedia touch ball: It is a multi-user, multi-touch spherical screen device, using multi-touch technology and the concept of operation interface interaction, it can realize a 360-degree and colorful interaction between the audience and the screen ball, such as images and Dragging, zooming, rotating, etc. of video files on the screen ball brings a new and interesting interactive experience to the audience. System features:   •Fashionable and beautiful, displaying products with high-tech technology•360-degree spatial imaging performance•Bright colors, a sense of space and perspective, forming a phantom in the sky•Combined with physical models to achieve a peculiar fusion of images and objects. Applications:   airports, subways , Railway stations, etc.;   comprehensive commercial plazas, professional hypermarkets, industry stores, commercial buildings, etc.;   entertainment venues, PUB, CLUB, bars, KTV, entertainment clubs, high-level business clubs, etc.;   cinema lines, tourist attractions, popular science venues, exhibition venues; Corporate exhibition halls, corporate publicity, corporate exhibitions, etc.
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