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The choice of home theater electric screen and picture frame screen?

by:XY Screens     2021-09-14
Many friends don’t know whether to choose an electric screen or a framed screen? In fact, it depends on personal preference and the design of the room decoration. Today there are chemical fiber white plastic screens, wave fiber white plastic screens, pearl white screens, rear projection soft screens, rear projection hard screens, 4K nano white/gray screens, ultra-short-focus anti-light screens, and long-focus anti-light screens. Among the screens and other screens that can be used as electric screens, there are chemical fiber white plastic screens and wave fiber white plastic screens. Pearl white screens and rear-projection soft screens can only be used as wire-drawn electric screens. Picture frame screens do not have this. limitation. In fact, the choice between the electric screen and the picture frame screen, the selection of the screen surface of the picture frame screen is diverse, and the viewing effect is from good to very good choice. Electric screen is currently the most widely used screen. It is easy to use. There are two control methods: wireless remote control and wired control. Generally, synchronous motors or tubular motors are used to control the lifting. The slower lifting speed is the synchronous motor, and the faster speed is the tubular motor. For the screen, the latter is far superior to the former in terms of lifespan and effect. The curtain material is generally made of white plastic cloth or glass fiber cloth. White plastic curtains are most widely used in low-end curtains because of their low cost, and glass fiber fabrics are often used in medium and high-end curtains because of their material characteristics. Another branch of the electric screen is the electric wire-pull screen. The screen surface is made of flexible PVC material. Unlike ordinary electric screens, on both sides of the electric wire-pull screen, there will be two curved side wires that stretch the screen surface. , Give the screen surface a horizontal pulling force, plus the vertical pulling force of the hanging rod, thus flattening the whole screen surface. This kind of screen structure can ensure that the screen surface is as flat as a mirror in long-term use, and is generally used for reflective optical screens that require high flatness of the screen surface. Because the structure and production are more complicated, the price is relatively high.   Picture frame screen is a screen in which a rigid frame is used to tighten the screen through connecting pieces (such as springs, drawstrings, fasteners, etc.) to form a projection plane. The most common is the picture frame screen used in home theaters. A set of sturdy aluminum alloy frame stretches the screen surface. Because of its simple structure and conforms to the principles of mechanics, the screen surface can always maintain the best flatness, so it becomes a family. The first choice for theaters.   There is another kind of frame screen, which refers to the projection screen style of the movie theater. The frame is designed in an arc shape, giving people an excellent sense of picture envelopment, which is more common in the 2.35:1 screen. Because there is no corresponding standard in the industry, home arc screens often refer to the arc ratio commonly used in commercial theaters: arc height ≈ 5% of the screen width. Of course, in order to achieve the best display effect, it is essential to equip the projector with an anamorphic lens.
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