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The 'cloud' tide hits, and the video conference industry will become a 'cloud conference' day

by:XY Screens     2021-09-30
From the start of brewing in 2007, to the application in 12 years, today's IT industry is already in the 'cloud' world. The huge market potential has made IT giants 'cloud involved' in a high-profile manner. IT giants such as IBM, Google, and Microsoft have begun to 'walk through the cloud.' As an important part of the IT industry, video conferencing is naturally no exception. Cloud computing video conferencing has become a 'killer' for many manufacturers to open up the market. With the increasing number of cloud video conferencing products on the market, it is an indisputable fact that video communication has entered the cloud era. The fundamental concept of cloud computing is to provide users with the computing power, storage space, software functions and information services required by the network, so that the user terminal is simplified into a simple input and output device, and can enjoy the powerful computing of the 'cloud' on demand Processing power. The cloud conference product design, product architecture, technology research and development, and server architecture are based on this concept, which is why the cloud conference has very low requirements for client equipment, but it is very convenient to use. Video conferences are carried out through cloud conferences. Data transmission, processing, and storage are all handled by the manufacturer's cloud servers. Users no longer need to pay for the product itself, but only pay for the services they purchase, which is commonly known as SaaS. With the rapid development of the software industry, hardware equipment is also developing rapidly. The introduction of the Apple mobile phone fired the first shot of the rapid development of smart mobile devices. With the continuous expansion of the scope of video conferencing applications, computers are no longer the only terminal. , Mobile terminals such as smart phones and tablet computers have become increasingly popular. Today's video conferencing is no longer exclusive to large-scale corporate business meetings. Small and medium-sized enterprises, schools, and even personal consumption applications are gradually heating up. The landing of cloud computing applications has led to the rapid rise of cloud conferencing products, and many video conferencing manufacturers have actively entered the market in order to seize market opportunities. At present, not only traditional software video conferencing vendors such as OTV have launched cloud conferencing products, even some video conferencing vendors focusing on hardware are not far behind and have launched their own cloud products. In the future, cloud computing will continue to heat up, and this will also make cloud conference products more mature. In current practical applications, users do not need any equipment investment when using cloud conferencing products like OTV, and can operate through their existing office computers or smartphones, plus the use of SaaS rental as a profit model. Significantly reduce the cost of using video conferencing, enabling small and medium-sized enterprises to quickly deploy this advanced communication tool. According to statistics, there are currently 47 million small and medium-sized enterprises in my country, accounting for 99% of the total number of enterprises, which fully demonstrates the broad prospects of cloud conference applications. After decades of upgrading, video conferencing applications have become more and more diversified, and simple conferencing services can no longer meet the needs of users. Instead, it must be closely integrated with the existing office, integrating remote conferencing, remote collaboration, remote training, remote negotiation, and many other applications. Diversified functions have become an important consideration for users when choosing video conferencing products. After years of development, the entire video conferencing industry has gradually matured, and users’ understanding of video conferencing has gradually deepened. The industry will also tend to a benign development environment.
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