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The composition and advantages of full-color LED advertising screens

by:XY Screens     2021-09-24
Full-color LED advertising screens are also called LED strip screens, because they are generally long strips. However, they are called subtitles or mobile screens in Taiwan. They are named after LED advertising screens can display mobile characters. With the rapid development of single-chip microcomputer suppliers and high-power driver chips, LED advertising screens have gradually entered the streets and shops of large and small cities in China. The structure of the LED advertising screen 1. LED display control card: it is the core component of the LED advertising screen, which is generally hidden inside the LED advertising screen. The LED advertising screen control card generally has a clock memory function, that is, it can display time and store pre-input Content.   2. LED dot matrix: generally 8 dots X 8 dots, 4 dot matrix can display a Chinese character, 8 character advertising screen needs 32 dot matrix composition, namely 16 dots X 128 dots (standard). 3. LED advertising screen frame: generally aluminum alloy, but also stainless steel. 4. Software: The software can only be installed on the computer, and the display content of the LED advertising screen can be modified through the data cable. It can also be input by remote control. No need to purchase another computer to modify the content.   5. LED advertising screen input method: 1. Computer input method: general LED advertising screen communicates with the LED advertising screen through dedicated LED LED advertising screen software, and then enter the required content and the flow of characters.   2. Remote control input method: Shenzhen Huaze Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a keyboard remote control that can completely replace software operation, so that you don't need to buy a computer to buy an LED advertising screen, which saves 4000 yuan.  3. Mobile phone input method: With the popularity of mobile phones, it has become a reality to use mobile phones to control LED advertising screens. Classification of LED advertising screens 1. Light box LED advertising screens: dynamic advertising, good visual impact, strong long-sightedness, and wide content;    2. Vehicle-mounted LED advertising screens: advertising dissemination is not restricted by location, mobile dissemination, and a wider audience; to designated places Advertising, the way of communication is novel, and the establishment of a good image of communication; 3. Curved LED advertising screen: perfectly integrated with the building itself, adding to the original design; a wider perspective, a wider range of communication, and a larger audience; 4. 360°post advertising screen [LED advertising rotating screen]: The technological elements are obvious, the modern atmosphere is full, the viewing angle is wide, and the communication effect is good. Application of LED advertising screens 1. Building high-definition small and medium-sized LED full-color display screens or information screens in bustling streets and communities to form a media publishing network. Second, in single or multiple commercial centers and areas with high traffic, build outdoor full-color LED large screens to form an outdoor large-screen network covering the whole city and even the whole country.  3. Small screen, strong communication penetration, wide network coverage, direct access to consumer terminals, low investment and quick results, and good publicity effects.  Four. Large screen, strong visual impact, ultra-clear graphics, huge shock. There are all significant and powerful advertising charms! Conducive to the shaping and dissemination of brand image. Many large screens are local landmarks, which are a good advertisement in themselves. The characteristics of the bus led advertising screen The bus led advertising screen is an outdoor advertising media with mobile, video, efficient and high reach rate.  1. High coverage rate: Bus lines often enter and exit major commercial districts, commercial and financial districts, living and residential areas, and transportation distribution areas (train stations, bus stations, passenger stations, etc.). Travel, home, business, and shopping all have the opportunity to come into contact with the media of bus led advertising screens. 2. Timely release of information: The bus led advertising screen wirelessly disseminates corporate information quickly, which immediately reflects the corporate publicity content of the day. Enterprise information release will meet with the widest audience groups in the shortest time and fastest speed. 3. High frequency: The bus led advertising screen can make the target audience's field of vision appear repeatedly, remind repeatedly, strengthen memory, and broadcast the company's advertising information nearly 4000 times a day. Let the audience understand the most advertising content in the shortest time, which is effective, will make businesses and brands a household name, and bring the most generous returns to the enterprise. 4. New outdoor media: As a brand-new advertising media, the led advertising screens of buses can earn more profits for users. 5. High compulsory: The text on the LED advertising screen of the bus is eye-catching and dazzling. Whether it is a bus, private car, taxi, bus, or pedestrian, you can see the information on the bus led advertising screen at any time and anywhere. The bus led advertising screen is a medium with strong visual impact and the most direct visual effect. The bus led advertising screen makes the audience compulsorily accept the advertising information, and strengthens the advertising audience's awareness of the product and brand. 6. Low cost per thousand people and high cost performance: According to statistics, magazines have the highest average cost per thousand people of 20.8 yuan in mainstream media in the country, followed by TV ads at 20.64 yuan, newspaper ads at 10.28 yuan, and radio ads at 4.43 yuan. The advertisement is 1.19 yuan, and the bus led advertising screen is only 0.004 yuan. (Specific algorithm) The bus led advertising screen has the characteristics of fluidity, wide range, timeliness, flexibility and accuracy, and the audience is the most active and large consumer group in the city. Compared with traditional media, LED advertising screens on buses have the lowest cost per thousand people and are more cost-effective.
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