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The compound growth rate of the small-pitch market will reach 110%

by:XY Screens     2021-09-12
The birth of small-pitch LED display marks the official entry of LED display technology into various indoor applications. In the future, small-pitch LED display technology will quickly enter indoor applications in the next few years with its advantages such as seamless joints, excellent display effects, continuous semiconductor technology advancement and cost reduction. The small-pitch LED display is expected to replace the original indoor large-screen display technology in stages, fully or partially, and fill the technological gap. The potential market space is more than 100 billion yuan, and it will show explosive growth in the next few years. It is estimated that in the next five years (2014-2018), the compound growth rate of the market size of small-pitch LED display products will reach 110%. In the first stage, enter the professional indoor large-screen display market. In professional indoor large-screen display applications such as command, control, monitoring, video conferencing, studios, etc., small-pitch LED displays are expected to replace mainstream technologies such as DLP rear projection splicing technology, LCD/plasma splicing technology, projection and projection fusion technology. We estimate that the global potential market for small-pitch LED displays in this application area is over 20 billion. The second stage is to enter the field of business meetings and education. Applications in the display field of business meetings include large-scale conferences and small-scale conferences. The former are conference rooms with more than one hundred people such as conference venues, hotels, and large conference rooms for enterprises and institutions; the latter is mainly small conference rooms with an index of ten people. The application in the field of education ranges from elementary school classrooms to university lecture halls, with the number of students in each classroom ranging from tens to hundreds. These fields currently mainly use projection technology to display the required data. We believe that the global effective market space for small-pitch LED displays in this field is more than 30 billion. The third stage is to enter the high-end home TV market. Limited by the technology of LCD TVs, there is currently a lack of technology in the field of high-end home TVs with large screens above 110 inches, and projection technology is difficult to meet the requirements of high-end users for viewing effects. Therefore, the future small-pitch LED display technology is expected to achieve brilliant results in this field , We conservatively predict that the global effective market space of small-pitch LED display technology in this field is more than 60 billion. To enter this field, technological progress, improved workmanship and cost reduction are still needed. At the same time, companies also need to make a perfect layout in product design, sales channels and post-maintenance. Ordinary indoor large-screen displays, theaters and projection halls are also important potential markets. With the decline in the price of small-pitch LED display products, small-pitch LED products are gradually being adopted in the general indoor display field that used larger-pitch LED displays to display advertisements and information. In addition, standard movie theaters and non-standard projection halls are also trying to use small-pitch LED display technology. The global potential space of these markets is expected to reach 10 billion.
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