The consequences of poor heat dissipation of the LED display are unimaginable_full-color LED display

The consequences of poor heat dissipation of the LED display are unimaginable_full-color LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-10-04
The summer is hot and hot, and buses running on the road can ignite spontaneously, not to mention the LED display. If the LED display is exposed to high temperatures for a long time and cannot dissipate heat, it will easily cause a fire. Shenzhen LED display manufacturer introduces you How to prevent it, the following are examples of accidents caused by the high temperature of the LED display. 1. LED display accident At about 9 o'clock on October 27, 2013, a store in the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport terminal suddenly caught fire. According to Baiyun Airport, at 9:13 am on October 27, a fire broke out outside a store in the departure hall of Baiyun Airport. , It was initially determined that a short-circuited led display wire in the departure hall caught fire. Currently, there are no reports of casualties. On December 16, 2011, a fire broke out in the Xizhimen shopping mall in Beijing. It was caused by improper construction of the LED display. At the end of the same month, the LED display of the Traffic Building in Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province also caught fire. Fortunately, no casualties were caused in the two accidents. At the 2010 Guangzhou International Light Festival, a fire broke out on the main LED large screen hanging outside the Guangzhou New Library and facing Huacheng Square. The flames quickly went up, although firefighters arrived to put out the fire within a few minutes. But the entire large screen has been destroyed, and the outer wall of the new library has been blackened. These examples all show that high temperature is likely to cause fire accidents, so the heat dissipation of LED displays has become a top priority, and we need to prevent it beforehand, otherwise the consequences are unimaginable, then how to heat the LED display. The heat exchange area between the heating electronic parts and the cold air, and the temperature difference between the heating electronic parts and the cold air, directly affect the heat dissipation effect. This involves the design of the air volume entering the LED display box and the design of the air duct. When designing ventilation ducts, try to use straight ducts to transport air and avoid sharp bends and bends. Ventilation ducts should avoid sudden expansion or sudden contraction. The expanded opening angle should not exceed 20o, and the contracted cone angle should not exceed 60o. The ventilation ducts should be sealed as far as possible, and all overlaps should follow the direction of flow. 2. When designing the LED display box for heat dissipation of the LED display, there are a few points to note: 1. The air inlet should be set on the lower side of the box, but not too low to prevent dirt and water from entering the LED display installed on the ground. Inside the screen box. 2. The exhaust hole should be set near the upper side of the box. 3. The air should circulate from the bottom to the top of the box, and special air intake or exhaust holes should be used. 4. The cooling air should be allowed to flow through the heating electronic parts, and the air flow should be prevented from short-circuiting. 5. Filters should be installed at the air inlet and outlet to prevent debris from entering the box. 6. The design should make natural convection contribute to forced convection. 7. When designing, make sure that the air inlet and the air outlet are far away, and avoid repeated use of cooling air. 8. Make sure that the direction of the radiator cogging is parallel to the wind direction, and the radiator cogging cannot block the wind path. 9. The LED display fan is installed in the system. Due to structural limitations, the air inlet and outlet are often blocked by various obstacles, and its performance curve will change. According to actual experience, the air inlet and outlet of the led display fan should be 40mm away from the obstruction. If the led display has space limitations, it should also be at least 20mm. 3. The heat dissipation method of the LED display against the wall If the installation location of the LED display is against the wall, it depends on how much the LED display can protrude. If it can protrude one meter from the wall, it is recommended to choose a fan according to the area. The fan installation positions are arranged in sequence above the side of the screen. If the customer purchases an 80 square P16 outdoor full-color LED display, he must choose 6 axial fans with a diameter of about 600mm. Special attention should be paid to ensure that the fan is exhausted to the outside and equipped with a protective net to prevent the technician who is repairing the display screen from sucking clothes in and causing personal injury when repairing the display screen. In addition, aluminum alloy shutters should be installed on the air outlet of the fan on the outside aluminum-plastic panel to achieve the effect of waterproofing. 4. Wall-mounted LED display heat dissipation method    Wall-mounted full-color LED display can also be equipped with air conditioners. Make sure that the main unit of the air conditioner is placed in place and does not affect the overall appearance of the wall. The choice of air conditioner is required. Generally, 1.5P, 2P and 3P air conditioners are the most used. The calculation of 12 square meters of 1P air conditioners in northern cities; and the calculation of 9 square meters of 1P air conditioners in southern cities. If the area of u200bu200bthe LED outdoor display is relatively large, the air conditioner will be directly customized by the manufacturer. If the area is not large, you must go to the specialty store to buy it. However, the display cooling air conditioner has a call compensation function. 5. Column-type LED display heat dissipation method If the installation method of the LED display uses a column, it is best to use a fan for heat dissipation. The fan is installed on the aluminum-plastic panel on the back of the large screen. In order to prevent rainwater from entering the display screen when it rains. If it is a double-pillar, open a few shutters in the middle of the double-pillar. This Baiye window is the air inlet, and the fan above is the air outlet, so that complete air convection is formed and the heat dissipation effect is better.
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