The construction of theaters below the third-tier cities is speeding up, and the demand for projecti

The construction of theaters below the third-tier cities is speeding up, and the demand for projection screens will follow

by:XY Screens     2021-09-28
The data shows that from January to October 2014, there were 861 new theaters nationwide, with 4,392 projection screens and 596,597 seats. While maintaining their share in first- and second-tier cities, major cinema chains have strengthened their investment and construction in other tier cities. In terms of the number of openings, the construction of theaters in sixth-tier cities increased rapidly in 2014, accounting for more than the total of third-, fourth- and fifth-tier cities. Various provinces and cities across the country have vigorously promoted the development of cultural industries and the construction of theaters. Many remote counties have their own theaters, and the density of theaters has also increased. There are a large number of sixth-tier cities and a large population. Although the economic level is not high, people's cultural consumption demand is also increasing year by year. The market demand space is large, which has become a new direction for theater construction this year. About 60% of the 3,832 newly added projection screens in China last year were built in second- and third-tier cities and county-level cities. With the continuous development of the domestic market, allergic movie watching enthusiasm is doubling and increasing in a terrifying posture. In the first half of 2014, China's movie box office exceeded the 10 billion mark, completing the total box office for the entire year of 2010. The skyrocketing box office revenue has also stimulated the construction of cinemas to enter a new round of climax. With the increasingly saturated theater construction in first-tier cities, various theater operators have begun to focus on second- and third-tier cities. The influx of large amounts of funds has ushered in the construction of theaters in second and third-tier cities. At the climax of history, more than 60% of projection screens were deployed in these cities last year. The above data all show that theaters below the third-tier cities are proceeding at a terrifying speed, and they have entered the fast lane. They have become the mainstream of domestic theater construction and the pillar of the future domestic box office. As of November 30, 2014, the total number of theaters nationwide has reached 5,540, and the total number of projection screens is 23,349. The emergence of “phenomenal” movies is endless, all kinds of capital are flooding into the movie market rapidly, and consumers' demand for movie consumption is increasing, which has caused a rapid increase in the number of domestic cinemas. We comprehensively elaborated on the current situation of the domestic cinema market in 2014 and predicted new trends in cinema development in 2015 through the three thematic sections of “seeing changes from the company”, “seeing models from the numbers”, and “seeing trends from the market”. Several data are worth paying attention to: 46: There are 46 cinemas nationwide at present, 957: As of the end of November this year, 957 new cinemas have been added: 1 new cinema has been added this year, 5540: The total number of cinemas nationwide is 5540 4951: As of the end of November this year, the number of newly added projection screens was 4951, 23,349: the total number of projection screens was 23,349. 762 million people: As of the end of November this year, the number of people watching movies nationwide was 762 million.
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