The construction site of the holographic banquet hall of Guyuan Fuyuan theme wedding base-XY Screens

The construction site of the holographic banquet hall of Guyuan Fuyuan theme wedding base

by:XY Screens     2021-09-19
On November 2, 2017, the company's Chengdu office was in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture at the construction site of Fuyuan Theme Wedding Base at No. 88 Dongguan North Street, Guyuan City. (Width)*5300 (The exposed screen includes the height of the lower shaft) SN3000*4300SXN-T(R) SN24000*4300SUN-T(R) The lower-rolling electric sound-transparent screen, display size: 24000 (width)*4300 (The exposed screen includes the lower part Axis height) ▲ Large-scale engineering electric projection screens are installed in super large venues for high-definition picture quality playback and demonstrations. ▲The conventional electric screen adopts the roll-up type, that is, the reel is located above the screen, and the reel shaft is shared with the main drive shaft. Due to the large span between the two fulcrums of the shaft and the large deflection, the screen surface is V-shaped and other undesirable phenomena. ▲The large-scale engineering electric projection screen produced by our company adopts a roll-down structure. The roll-up shaft and the main drive shaft are separated, and the roll-up shaft is located below the screen body (at this time, the straightness of the shaft no longer affects the flatness of the screen) ), the upper end of the screen adopts movable positioning, which effectively guarantees the flatness of the screen; and the main drive shaft is no longer connected with the screen, and the middle part can be increased with support points, and the straightness can be correspondingly guaranteed. The use of the motor The life span can also be guaranteed accordingly. ▲The pendant is installed through the cover, which effectively guarantees the safety of the giant screen. Screen parameters: structural analysis diagram:
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