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The core technology of the future projector market will be the focus of competition

by:XY Screens     2021-08-30
According to research by PacificMediaAssociates, in the first quarter, mid-range projectors have become the main force in market sales. During the investigation, consumers are more inclined to products with brightness above 1000 lumens when buying projectors. Since the rapid rise of flat panel displays in recent years, large-size flat panel displays are gradually being used in more and more business meeting rooms and home theaters. This also makes some experts predict that if projectors fail to keep up with the times in the next few years, there will be May die. The withdrawal of some projector manufacturers in recent years also seems to have verified this statement.   However, PMA general manager Bill Coggshall said that the development of any industry will experience a period of slowdown, mainly due to years of development, the market has become increasingly saturated, which will also cause some uncompetitive projector manufacturers to withdraw from the market one after another. In the future projector market, the price is no longer competitive, and the core technology will be the focus of the competition.   In fact, looking at the development of the projector industry for more than 20 years, it has maintained a growth rate of 6% every year, which indirectly proves the sustained and healthy development of the projector industry, and it will continue to develop steadily in the future.
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