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The country with the most books

by:XY Screens     2021-08-19
On this Monday, April 28, 2014, as usual, the national flag was raised, the national anthem was played; the division flag was raised, the division anthem was raised, and then the leader gave a speech. However, this time Mr. Zhang smiled and walked to the position of the commander-in-chief: 'The whole world Which country has the most books per capita? Does anyone know?' The entire audience was deadly quiet for dozens of seconds, and the expression on Mr. Zhang's face was very complicated. 'Israel!' The voice broke the terrible silence. Mr. Zhang glanced in the direction of the sound coming. I don’t know what this look means, but the applause from the audience at the same time is really real—he is Victor Wang Jianwei, a new salesman who came to the factory for internship. , He must be proud at this moment. Mr. Zhang said: 'A nation that doesn't like to read is a terrible nation; a nation that doesn't like to read is a nation without hope. So what kind of an enterprise would an enterprise that doesn't like to read?' Mr. Zhang Said that the company will create a library, a reading room, and hold reading activities from time to time... both inside and outside remind everyone that apart from busy work and life, take as much time as possible to read. It is understood that the average Israeli reads 64 books per year, and the Jewish population in Israel even reads 68 books per year. Jews have a custom that when a child is born, the mother will open the 'Bible' and drip a little honey so that the child will lick the honey from the 'Bible'. Through this lick, the child will have a good first impression of the book. : The book is sweet. When the child is a little sensible, almost every mother will ask such a question: 'If there is a fire in your house one day, what will you save first?' When the child answers money or diamonds, the mother will tell him seriously: 'These It doesn’t matter. The first thing you should save is the book! What is hidden in the book is wisdom, which is more valuable than money or diamonds, and wisdom cannot be taken away by anyone.” The Jew is the only one in the world who is not illiterate. Even the Jewish beggars are inseparable from books. Even if they are begging, they will always carry books that they must read every day, let alone people who have nothing to worry about. In the eyes of the Jews, the love of reading and reading newspapers is not only a habit, but also a virtue possessed by people. Books and periodicals in Israel are very expensive. Each book costs more than US$20, and each newspaper is more than US$6. However, ordinary Israelis are very generous in buying books and subscribing to newspapers. In this country with a population of only 5 million, there are more than 1 million people holding library cards. It is the country with the most books per capita in the world.
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