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the decorative, versatilel, practical folding screen

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Carol voglenov
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Since the Chinese first used the folding screen centuries ago, whether it is to create privacy or as a surface of painting, the screen has played a variety of functions in the house.
It is also a building element, a piece of furniture, a decorative item, usually a piece of art.
Diverse people like art
Glass designer Louis confort Tiffany, artist Mark Chagar, photographer Ansel Adams, and architect Michael Graves create folding screens.
Nowadays, interior designers continue to use screens for decorative and functional purposes.
Janet Woodbury Adams, author of decorative folding screens, said: \"People choose to buy a beautiful screen instead of investing a lot of money in making permanent structural changes at home . \" 400 in the Western world.
\"Screens are a smart investment because they are easy to move and fit almost any space.
Interior designer Arthur Smith agrees.
He collected screens aged 20 and 30.
Two of Ireland
Furniture designer Irene Gray and three by Swiss artist Jean Dunand
It is one of his most desirable and practical properties.
\"There is nothing more to create an instant environment than a screen . \"Smith says.
In fact, when the designer moved from a small East Side apartment to a 1,200-square-
Greenwich Village loft foot is a temporary arrangement until a larger adjoining loft is finished and his screen collection enables him to set up room service in a single day.
Advertising three small screens to hide the box and the walls of the flaws.
His two big screens, one eight.
Panel Irene gray screen made of cork and wood and a huge 14-panel gold-
Jean Dunand\'s curtain of leaves, standing like a wall, Mr. creative
Smith\'s bedroom
This is the only closed area in the open space.
A few months later, when the designer\'s permanent residence was completed, he planned to put the screen on the raised platform and display it as decorated as a sculpture.
When I started working for designer Billy Baldwin in 1966, we used screens in almost every project. Smith recalled.
\"A few years later, when the design becomes more minimalist and everything has to be built in, the screen is no longer popular.
Now, with a renewed interest in decoration and decorations, they are back again.
The screen also reflects the East\'s appreciation of simplicity and beauty, which is what people desire in this complex era.
\"It is this Oriental emotion that inspired fashion home designer Katja Geiger in her 4,000-square-
Tribeca attic.
\"They created a very peaceful environment . \"
Geiger explained. The long L-
It was once a plastic loft in the factory and the Shoemaker workshop;
Now it is organized so that the two design studios are at both ends of the space and the living area of geigers is in the center.
Not only are sliding screens placed on all windows to adjust the light, but tall folding screens are also used, like Mr.
The bedroom is surrounded by Smith\'s big screen.
\"They create privacy without being permanent . \"Geiger said.
A more permanent and thoroughly innovative screen designed by designer John Saladino also creates flexible living arrangements.
In order to make the dining area of the small apartment a small entrance, the designer first removed a permanent wall separating the entrance from the kitchen. Mr.
Then saradino designed a six.
Panel screen made of hollow
The core door is hinged together and wrapped in frosted pink taffta.
\"The screen is attached to the remaining wall,\" explains Rendell Fernandez . \" He is a project designer working for Mr. Fernandez. Saladino.
\"It can be folded up with the help of a wheel to form a small entrance corridor blocking the kitchen, service entrance and storage room.
But when the client wants to entertain, the screen is easily flush against the wall, and the table in the front lobby expands comfortably to 10 seats.
\"The order from the smaller spaces divided into two areas on the screen to the larger, more open living room creates the illusion that the rest of the apartment is bigger than it actually is,\" Sir. Saladino said.
\"But the screen sometimes has the opposite effect.
For example, in my own house in the country, the screen is placed in an oversized room to create a smaller, more intimate space.
\"The earliest screens found in Europe were not used for this decorative magic.
The French word paravent of the screen tells about its original function: blocking the draft.
In the big houses of Europe, there are cave-like rooms and long halls, and the screen placed in the window or in front of the door becomes an actual necessity.
Some decorators still like to put the screen near the window for very different reasons.
In the Doctor\'s restaurant. and Mrs.
For example, Gerald Imber\'s East Side apartment, decorator Keith Owen and his partner Thomas Fleming used a pair of 10-foot-
The windows have high screens on both sides as they are cheaper and more decorative than heavy curtains.
\"These screens are reversible . \"Fleming.
One side is painted with Oriental patterns;
On the other side they were painted on the trompe l\'oeil building panel.
\"If you\'re convenient and a little adventurous, it\'s not really hard to put wallpaper on the screen . \"Irvine said.
\"The easiest way is to make a plywood frame and cover it with linen.
The wallpaper looks very beautiful on the surface of the belch. \'\'Mr.
Irvine also recommends using several different wallpapers at different heights on the same screen.
We often separate the screen in the chair.
Railway height to complement existing buildings. Irvine added.
\"Especially in the restaurant, it works very well because it emphasizes the different heights of the table and chair.
\"According to interior designer Mario Bata, the restaurant is still the most common place to look for screens.
\"But the screen can actually work well in every room of the house,\" he said . \".
In the back of the bed, for example, they can act as headboards or in the bathroom they can hide the toilet. \'\'Mr.
Buatta admits to using a screen to disguise everything from a record player to an oversized TV set.
The designer said, \"Is there anything else that can hide so much sin so easily ? \"?
\"Here are some samples of New York stores specialized in screen customization
Made and antique
Brown and Backto Wood (810) tangingtonstreet (
GansevoortStreet), 242-5108. Custom-
The screen is made here using the wallpaper and fabric you provide.
Wood panels covered with wallpaper or stretch fabric cost about $60 per panel (
High 72 inch).
Other custom sizes and finishes, including artificial bois.
Charles R.
Gracie & Sons 979 Third Avenue (58thStreet), 753-5350.
There are a large number of Japanese antique paper and lacquer screens here, and the price depends on age and design. New custom-
Coromandel screens made in China can also be ordered.
The Japanese antique screen starts at $2,500 and the Chinese copy starts at $1,100.
Only through architects and designers.
Mia Shoji interior design
107 West 17 Street-243-6774.
Shoji screen windows made of rice paper, laminated plastic or fiberglass. A three-
The 72 inch panel screen 17 is $195.
Custom work is also available.
118-755 East 59 Street Roman art screen9566. Custom-
Ready screen
Paint finish, wallpaper or fabric-
Starting at $150.
Only appointments.
No. 21 courtyard workshop
10 31 stAvenue, Astoria, Queens, 274-9351.
Custom shoji screens coated with fiberglass and laminated rice paper cost $80 to $200.
Various wooden frames are provided.
The workshop is also equipped with stock size: a separate screen with three panels, each of which is 76 inch high and 22 inch wide for $232.
Only appointments.
822 Madison Avenue screen Exchange (69th Street),628-8263.
Janet Adams, a dealer and consultant, has positioned exquisite European and American antique screens as well as customized screens
Screen made by contemporary artists.
The price starts at $1,000.
Only appointments.
Gallery of misregards, street 81 St, 24-East, 249-5300.
This store has a variety of long screen.
Show samples and accept special orders.
Prices range from $150 to $3,000.
A version of this article was printed on page C00006 of the National edition on November 24, 1983 with the title: decorative, versatile, practical folding screen.
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