The design of stage LED display continues_indoor full-color display | led display construction plan

The design of stage LED display continues_indoor full-color display | led display construction plan

by:XY Screens     2021-08-21
Stage LED large screen design: Because the LED screen is rented according to the square number, in other words, the larger the square number, the more expensive it is. In fact, the number of squares of the led screen is completely dependent on the stage design effect. Today, let’s take a look at several wedding banquet stage designs with led screens and see how to make the best use of it! The first type: embedded, as the name implies, is a led screen Embedded in a frame of the stage background. There is still a stage background, either a background built with KT boards, or a background built with drapery, but no matter what kind of Beijing LED screen is in the center of the stage like a larger LED TV, The proportion is not very large, it is just that people can see the picture. Advantages: high-definition playback quality is good, the area is small and the price is low; disadvantages: the area is small and not atmospheric. The second type: the combined led screen is placed in the center and integrated with the background boards on both sides to form an integrated design. stage background. At present, this design scheme is accepted by more people who choose led screens. Advantages: The large-area picture display makes the visual enjoyment better, and it appears more harmoniously as a part of the stage background; Disadvantages: For such an area of u200bu200bled screen to have an atmospheric integrated stage background, you can only use KT boards to place both sides In addition, the gauze curtain seems stingy and difficult to integrate with the led screen. The third type: single vertical type. This is a local tyrant’s led screen. The background of the entire stage is this led screen. There is no KT board and no other stage design elements. All the logos, images and pictures are through this super large The led screen is displayed. Advantages: domineering, the guests of the entire banquet can watch the content of the led screen in 360 degrees without blind spots; disadvantages: what else is there besides the high price. The fourth: the background of the discrete stage is still the whole, or it is a KT board design, or a gauze curtain design, but the led screen is set on the side of the background board, or both sides, or only one side , It’s a bit like the status of a projection screen, it’s only set up for temporary display of wedding photos or videos, and it’s not integrated with the background of the stage. Advantages: can reduce the design requirements for the stage background, the stage background can be completed more flexibly using simple materials; Disadvantages: low cost performance, the area can not be too small, but the efficiency of use is not high, resulting in high prices and low utilization. The above are just some of the advantages and disadvantages of the design. Huaze Optoelectronics will tailor the design and plan according to your site conditions to provide you with a better full-color LED display project plan.
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