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The development of projection screen

by:XY Screens     2021-09-05
The earliest people projected images on a clean white wall. Because the white wall did not work well and could not be moved, the projection was greatly restricted. Therefore, the white plastic screen replaced the white wall and became the first generation of real projection screen. The second-generation product of the projection screen is a glass bead screen. A layer of very small glass beads is added on the surface of the screen. Because the glass bead itself has the function of concentrating light and can reflect the incident light in the original direction, its gain is high. The white plastic screen doubles, the theoretical value reaches 2.0, and the effect of displaying images in the viewing angle range is much higher than that of the white plastic screen.  As a third-generation projection screen product,    metal screen has a considerable breakthrough compared to the previous two generations of projection screens. On the one hand, while the metal screen increases the screen gain, it also increases the viewing angle of the screen. At present, the theoretical gain of metal screens on the market is generally around 2.0, but the viewing angle is greatly increased compared with bead screens, reaching about 60 degrees. On the other hand, metal screens have made great progress in their ability to resist ambient light interference. In normal light environment, you can directly use the metal screen to watch the projection, and the effect is quite good. In addition, compared to the white plastic screen and the glass bead screen, the metal screen has a better three-dimensional effect. Using it to watch the three-dimensional projection, the effect is quite shocking.   The core technology of the fourth-generation projection screen is the microcrystalline projection display technology. Microcrystal Optical is a patented technology developed by HONOREST that is the most advanced in the field of projection screens. The projection screen with the introduction of microcrystalline projection display technology has made a breakthrough in color expression. First of all, the color is more saturated and vivid, and there is no color cast. Secondly, the contrast is improved, the black is deeper, the white is more transparent, the layers are richer, and the picture is very three-dimensional.   In addition, the microcrystalline projection display technology screen has a very strong anti-interference light ability. Even in an environment with lights and windows, the projection screen is still clear and sharp, the colors are still bright, and the effect is almost plasma. Compared with the previous projection that can only be viewed in a closed room, the introduction of the microcrystalline projection display technology screen greatly improves the viewing environment for projection. Another point of the innovation of the microcrystalline projection display technology is that it solves the problems of solar effect, hot spot effect and Moiré effect caused by high-gain screens during projection. Finally, the screen using the microcrystalline projection display technology also has a very big breakthrough in gain. From a low gain of 0.8 to a high gain of 10.0, users can choose the corresponding brightness micro-crystal screen according to their actual situation.
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