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The development road of led display brand to enter e-commerce|

by:XY Screens     2021-10-05
With the changes of the times, the gradual changes in people's lifestyles, especially the changes in consumption patterns, have stimulated the development of e-commerce platforms towards maturity to a certain extent. The impact of e-commerce has an increasing impact on the reshuffle pattern of accelerated enterprises. E-commerce can gain the favor of LED companies, naturally has its merits, LED displays make good use of e-commerce channels, will also bring a new development path for companies.    Although the LED display industry is currently developing in the direction of standardization and standardization, it is still far from other e-commerce industries. In order for the led display to truly enter the daily life of the family like a household appliance, it also needs to be operated as simple as a TV. The remote control is pressed and the power supply is plugged in. Basically, there are no complicated problems. However, the LED display is not only complicated to operate, but also very troublesome to maintain. It involves a lot of accessories and parameters, and lacks a very professional shopping guide.  After-sales service and installation  After-sales service has always been a major tumor in the LED display industry, and the regional impact is particularly serious. If you buy a display screen, and some problems that cannot be solved by yourself occur during use, the manufacturer will either fly over to repair it for you, or 'trouble' you to take the entire display screen to the courier company. Unless special after-sales service points are set up in various regions, the cost will inevitably be higher. Installation engineering is also a big problem. Unless the buyer has very strong installation expertise, it will not be able to install at all. Even if the installation method is found out, improper installation will cause serious safety hazards. So in the final analysis, it is the manufacturer. Provide on-site installation services.  Transportation  LED display screens are products with complex structure and easily damaged by bumps. As we all know, no matter how careful today’s logistics companies are, they still can’t take care of the items one by one when the logistics is busy. If you run into some more 'brute force' logistics companies, it will be even more miserable. The display is damaged during transportation and naturally has to return to the manufacturer. Not to mention the loss of freight, you have to accept the high price of the product. The maintenance costs of the company were all in vain. Therefore, in this 'Double Twelve' upcoming e-commerce event, LED companies can choose products that are suitable for the network route for promotion and sales. At the same time, they must work together to promote industry standardization, improve product quality, and reduce after-sales problems. , Improve the quality and convenience of after-sales service, cultivate more professional installation talents, pay attention to logistics management, etc., so that the problems that hinder the development of the LED display industry to e-commerce channels are solved one by one. I believe that the road of e-commerce in the LED display industry will go further and further Far.
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