The difference between full color LED display P3 and P5_LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectroni

The difference between full color LED display P3 and P5_LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-24
The full-color LED display screen is loved by the majority of users because of its excellent display effect. Most users will encounter this problem? How to choose full-color LED display P3 and P5 is the most suitable. For such a problem, the editor integrates past experience and analyzes which is better to use from the aspects of product attributes and use environment? Huaze Optoelectronics P3 and P5 full-color LED display technical parameters:      LED display model dot pitch pixel density maximum brightness driving method best viewing distance P3 3mm 111111 dots/㎡≥1200CD/㎡1/16 scan 3 to 35 meters P5 5mm 40000 dots/㎡≥1600CD/㎡1/16 1/8 scan 5 to 50 meters LED full-color display 1. Dot spacing is an important basis for distinguishing LED full-color display models, which directly determines the pixel resolution per unit area of u200bu200bthe LED display Rate. In the field of high-definition LED displays, each indentation of the dot pitch by one unit is a technological breakthrough. Looking at the above data, we know that the pixel density of the P3 indoor display screen is 111111 dots/㎡, and the pixel density of the P5 indoor display screen is 40,000 dots/㎡. Just because their dot spacing has been indented by 2mm, the pixel dots per square meter have increased by 71111 points!     2. The driving mode determines the brightness of the screen. Since the P5 full-color LED display has fewer pixels per square meter, the brightness is higher than that of the P3 model. If it is semi-outdoor, or indoor location near the window, you must choose a higher-brightness model. In terms of power consumption, P3 is definitely larger than P5, mainly due to the characteristics of more pixels and brightness greater than 1200cd/㎡. 3. Under the same LED display cabinet, power supply, control card and other configurations, the price of the P3 indoor led display is definitely more expensive than the P5 indoor led display. The important reason is that the unit area uses more LED lamp beads. Lead to cost upload.     The above is the difference between Huaze Optoelectronics full-color LED display p3 and p5. Which one is more suitable depends on the actual environment, viewing distance, display content requirements and investment budget to consider the model used.
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