The difference between LED display and LED luminous characters_LED display manufacturer Huaze Optoel

The difference between LED display and LED luminous characters_LED display manufacturer Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-10-05
Literally seeing the LED luminous characters and the LED display screen, we can know that they have a common feature that their 'heart' is leadership. We have the following simple understanding of the difference between the LED luminous characters and the LED display? 1. In appearance, through our eyes, we can easily see the difference between a font flat panel light and a whole LED display. One is composed of strokes, the other is composed of unit boards, and two The outdoor form is easy to distinguish. 2. LED luminous characters: common LED luminous characters are composed of metal sheet, LED light source, and font shell. Compared with LED display, the composition is much simpler and does not require professional LED display unit board. In the lighting, just turn on the power, transfer the compiled program, and then you will see the glittering subtitles on the screen. There are many types of luminous characters. Taking blister characters as an example, the light emission is relatively soft. The LED display screen emits light directly, and the lamp beads of the unit board emit light directly, and the luminous intensity is relatively strong. 3. Full-color LED display: By controlling the display mode of semiconductor light-emitting diodes, it is used to display various information such as text, graphics, images, animation, market quotations, videos, and video signals. It has a wide range of applications ranging from small indoor small pitch screens to large outdoor LED screens. The LED luminous characters are static and will not move. The characters used in the LED display can be changed at will, and the font, size and content can be adjusted in the software at any time. Led luminous characters cannot be changed at will. If they need to be replaced, they need to be re-made. 4. From the composition of the two, we can easily distinguish between them. The font of LED luminous characters is composed of one stroke, while Zhengzhou LED full-color display is composed of many unit boards. Secondly, the light-emitting effects of the two are also different. The light-emitting characters are softer, while the light-emitting of outdoor LED electronic screens is stronger. Finally, there is a big difference in the feelings of the two. The LED tube is static and cannot be replaced at will. The words used in the LED full-color display can be changed at will, and the font size and content can be adjusted. Although there are differences between the two, LED luminous characters are not inferior to LED displays in terms of light emission and display. In some small hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and other occasions, luminous characters still have a wide range of use. And such as some banks, municipal construction, roads, factories, hospitals, etc., large-scale LED display screens will also be the first choice.
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