The difference between LED dot matrix display and full color LED display_full color LED display manu

The difference between LED dot matrix display and full color LED display_full color LED display manufacturer Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-10-03
The component of the LED dot matrix display is called the module, and the component of the full-color LED display is called the module? Are they the same product, and if not, what is the difference? The following is the technical staff of Huaze Optoelectronics Let me introduce the difference between LED dot matrix display and full-color LED display. The brightness of the LED dot matrix display is relatively low. The LEDs (that is, the lights) in the LED dot matrix screen are packaged into modules. Because of this, its specific modules limit the driving method of the LED dot matrix screen. It directly affects that its brightness cannot be very high, and each LED in the LED screen is controlled separately. There are multiple choices in the driving mode and circuit design, and the brightness can be designed to be much higher. Dot matrix screen is mainly limited to 'dot matrix' display, which is relatively simple and low-cost equipment. If one part is broken, the other part will not be affected, and the repair is simple, just replace the broken one. The common usage of LED dot matrix display screen is used as an information screen to display text and simple pictures. Common dot matrix display screens are used indoors, mostly in low-end single and dual colors, used to scroll text and pictures (two colors can play video), and there are also full colors. The price of the dot matrix display is relatively low, the heat dissipation is not very good, and the effect is average, so the color screen is rarely used. Dot matrix LED screen is a kind of full-color LED display, a branch, full-color LED display is divided into: in-line full-color LED display, generally outdoor and semi-outdoor screen; one is surface mount type, Referred to as surface mount, there are surface mount three-in-one and surface mount three-in-one, generally indoor display; followed by dot-matrix display, the packaging method is similar to 5050 and surface-mount three-in-one, each lamp is packaged with 1 One, two, and three chips correspond to monochromatic, two-color, and full-color, respectively. Dot matrix screens are generally composed of small modules of 8 dots by 8 dots, so they are called modules.
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