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The difference between stage LED rental screen and conventional indoor and outdoor LED display_full color LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-08-21
First of all, let's first understand what an ordinary LED display is. Ordinary full-color LED displays are divided into indoor led displays and outdoor led displays. They are usually fixed installations and will not move randomly after the installation location is fixed. The advantages of stage led rental screens are easy installation and quick and easy disassembly. Convenient to transition, one can match the height and width at will. Generally, the traditional engineering LED display only has a publicity effect and can play video and video images. However, the LED stage rental screen has to accept the test of high-definition video cameras and cameras, and has more stringent requirements for screen refresh and display effects, so the configuration is more high. Compared with traditional indoor and outdoor LED displays, rental LED displays have different uses and functions. The following is the difference between the stage LED rental screen and the traditional LED display: First, the selection is different. Because the stage rental LED display shows high stage beauty, the screen playback effect is more clear. Therefore, the general indoor environment uses P3, P4 models of high-definition screens, even more stringent will use small pitch P2.5, P2, etc., outdoor use P6, P5 models. For traditional indoor and outdoor LED displays, due to the long viewing distance or low display requirements, indoors generally use P5 and P4 models, and the most used outdoor LED displays are P8 and P10. Second, the difference between the box body Traditional ordinary LED display screens are generally simple boxes or waterproof boxes, which are bulky and not suitable for disassembly. Relatively speaking, the LED rental screen uses a die-cast aluminum cabinet, which is simple and light, simple to install, light and thin in structure, and high in fixity. For traditional outdoor LED display screens, the box body will be made of waterproof treatment, and the structure is relatively heavy. LED simple cabinets are used indoors; while stage LED rental displays, because the cabinets are often disassembled and moved, they are usually made of die-cast aluminum cabinets. We know that most of the stage LED screens are ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted. With these two installation methods, there are higher requirements for the weight and safety of the rental screen. Because the rental screens need to be stacked high and the way they are hoisted, the rental screens must be light and thin. At present, they are all die-cast aluminum boxes, and the joints must be firm, reliable and easy to detect, so as to avoid potential threats to on-site personnel due to negligence in installation. Stage LED rental screens often need to be transported by cars, ships or airplanes. During the transportation process, the edges and corners of the rental screen may be bumped due to bumps, but in order not to affect the use effect, the LED rental display must have a certain degree of resistance. Damage, so as to reduce the damage of electronic components caused by transportation, so as not to affect the normal display function. 3. Installation method The stage rental screen box structure adopts a quick lock design, which is convenient and quick to disassemble and install. The fixed bracket adopts a special air frame or a Japanese-shaped frame design, which is even more convenient to set up. For example, after a concert is over, it can be disassembled and transported to another. The stage establishment saves time and effort. The traditional LED indoor and outdoor display screens are usually fixed installations. After the installation position is fixed, it will not move easily. 4. Quick replacement and repair. When there is a partial display failure of the led rental screen, the stage led rental screen must be partially removable and replaced quickly to ensure the normal performance of the performance.
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