The domestic education market will still maintain a diversified development trend of products-XY Scr

The domestic education market will still maintain a diversified development trend of products

by:XY Screens     2021-09-18
With the continuous advancement of education informatization and intelligence, education equipment market products have been in a diversified development trend. At present, products and solutions such as electronic whiteboards, projectors, interactive smart tablets, full HD booths, and recording systems all occupy a leading position in the education market. In the context of further in-depth development of education informatization, more schools and education training institutions have joined the construction team of 'three links and two platformsEducational equipment companies are also keeping up with market demand, continuously increasing Ru0026D efforts, and launching more new educational products. It is worth noting that the annual educational equipment exhibition is the most true portrayal of the education market. From the original single product to the current diversified products and solutions, coupled with the continuous upgrade and development of software, the value of hardware has also been continuously improved. For example, the multimedia recording and broadcasting system has become an important realization method for teaching, teaching and research, and teaching resource construction, that is, synchronously recording the video, audio, and electronic equipment signals of the teaching site, generating streaming media files, and realizing the multimedia teaching solution of live broadcast and on-demand. . The existence of the recording and broadcasting system can realize the same lesson in multiple schools, and can also realize the sharing and co-construction of video lessons through the Internet, realize the interconnection of campuses, and make the school education an open education that can radiate beyond the campus to a wider area. The purpose of balanced development of educational resources. The advancement of education informatization promotes the upgrading and improvement of education equipment technology. This has also produced many 'alternative theories.' In particular, the replacement of electronic whiteboards by tablet interaction is the most intense. Yes, LCD all-in-ones have many advantages. As everyone said, a power cord is ok, high integration, smart and easy to use, etc., which are also the key to the confidence of LCD all-in-one manufacturers. So, how will the education market develop in the next few years? First of all, the Chinese education market itself is differentiated, with vast regions and unequal educational resources in various regions, which will lead to different demands for educational equipment, and will also lead to the choice of equipment and its core functions. In recent years, there will be no major follow-up. At present, educational equipment is still regional. As the education equipment exhibition continues to deepen, manufacturers continue to improve, China's economic development continues to be balanced, and regional differences in education will gradually decrease. In addition, the progress of informatization, intelligence, and networking of education will accelerate the unification of educational equipment. But it will take time. Generally speaking, the educational equipment market will continue to maintain a diversified development trend of products in the next few years!
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