The domestic projection screen market is less adversely affected by the economic environment-XY Scre

The domestic projection screen market is less adversely affected by the economic environment

by:XY Screens     2021-09-18
In 2012, the biggest difference between the Chinese market and other countries and regions was that the scale of government investment was much larger than in previous years, especially in education. In 2012, the number of projects that came to the forefront was very large, ranging from cultural sharing, radio and television, rural cinema, distance education 2-3 to Banbantong, and the bidding of their own projects in various provinces and cities were more than in previous years, even from a global perspective. Look, China's political and religious markets are very bright spots.   The financial crisis will not bring negative effects to all industries. In the special environment of the Chinese market, it is difficult to imagine that a branch where almost 70% of sales are completed through government and religious procurement-related projects will show a decline under the four trillion pie.  The projection screen industry does not. As early as the first quarter of 2009, the global market was affected by the economic crisis, and the demand for projection systems declined very fast, with a negative growth rate of 60% year-on-year. Relying on the expansion of government procurement, China’s projection industry, especially industry procurement, showed a strong reverse. City growth trend. In the six months immediately after 2012, the domestic projection screen industry achieved a positive growth of more than 10%. Today, when the global projection market decline is predicted to continue for a long time, the purchasing needs of users in the Chinese industry have attracted the attention of colleagues all over the world.  In the Chinese market, although the proportion of projection purchases in the education industry has been decreasing in recent years, it can basically reach 50%. Since the central and local governments have put more emphasis on the development of the education industry in recent years, this has ensured that the overall market will not fluctuate too much.   At the peak of the education industry, some experts believe that the domestic projection market will usher in the industry procurement peak and the SME procurement recovery season at the same time. Under the further stimulus of government investment, the recovery of commercial market procurement will gradually recover.   However, not all manufacturers regard China as a safe haven. Since last year, the projection screen market has undergone many changes, but this year, delisting, adjustments and channel changes have become more frequent. As new brands enter the Chinese market, some familiar names have left the market sadly. At the same time as the vicissitudes of life, the channels and business models of projection screen manufacturers are also adjusting and changing.   The adjustment in the projection screen market is actually just a normal commercial phenomenon. Regardless of manufacturers, partners or distributors, they must make corresponding adjustments according to their own company conditions and market expectations. With the drastic changes in core manufacturers, this change will also affect the mid- and downstream industries, and the channel and user's choice of brands will also change accordingly. Coupled with the partition of some delisted brand channels, the entire projection screen channel system is also facing a reshuffle.
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