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The edge of success

by:XY Screens     2021-09-09
A ship was unfortunately killed at sea, and a passenger was lucky enough to hug a piece of wood before the ship sank. After the ship sank, he clung to the wood and drifted along the vast ocean. Finally, at high tide, he was lucky enough to be floated to a small island with verdant trees. After arriving on the island, he immediately walked the island and found the refreshing and sweet spring water, and luckily found some mushrooms and wild fruits. He picked all the food that he could eat, and these foods were enough for him to eat. moon.   He was very fortunate for himself. After a big meal, he immediately set up a wooden cabin with wood to shelter and store his own food. Then, he sat on the island calmly and waited for the passing ships, but to his disappointment, after five or six days, he didn’t even see the shadow of a ship. The only thing that accompanied him was howling. The sea breeze and a flock of chirping seabirds.   One morning, it started pouring rain, and the sea surfaced with dark clouds and thunder and lightning. He rushed to the cliff on the other side of the island in the rain to look at the boats. When it was close to noon, he heard only a thunder that shook the whole island. Suddenly, he saw billowing smoke rising from the cabin on the other side of the island. He was shocked and hurriedly climbed down the cliff and stumbled to his cabin. He found that everything was too late. The wooden house has been set ablaze by thunder and lightning, almost completely reduced to ashes.  He was very sad. He encountered a shipwreck on a boat, and finally hugged a piece of wood to escape and fell on this deserted island. The wooden house where he lived and stored food was burned to ashes. Isn’t this God’s will? Since God doesn’t allow himself to live anymore, he can only be in vain no matter how hard he struggles. He finds a piece of white granite, writes his own experiences and misfortunes on the rock, and then finds a vine in the tree. Hanged to death.   In the evening, a ship passed by. The sailors on the ship saw a plume of smoke on the deserted island, so they immediately sailed to the deserted island. But to their regret, the man on the deserted island has been hanged to death. After reading the last words he left on the rock, everyone couldn’t help sighing, “If he can hold on for another half an hour, he will only hold on. A little bit, then he can take our boat home.”    Yes, in many critical times, it is precisely when we need to clenched our teeth a little bit more, if you insist on this point, you will hold the success. . If you give up this point, you may be overwhelmed. Just as the night before dawn is the darkest time, on the verge of success, when success is about to come, it is often the most difficult and strenuous moment of our souls. At this time, what we have to tell ourselves most is: insist on one more time. Little bit.
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