The eight standards of good screen LED display in the eyes of professionals_LED outdoor displayu200b

The eight standards of 'good screen' LED display in the eyes of professionals_LED outdoor displayu200b|Shenzhen LED display manufacturer|

by:XY Screens     2021-10-05
With the gradual rise and growth of the LED display industry, a variety of display screens are coming. Outdoor full-color LED displays have become the best choice for outdoor advertising. Because of this, the LED industry is becoming more and more competitive. Strongly, people's requirements for all aspects of led display screens are getting higher and higher. So the question is, what kind of LED display is a good one? First: high resolution. A display screen has a higher resolution to make it possible to display high-quality advertising pictures; second: high brightness, because outdoor conditions require higher brightness, especially adjustable brightness; third: high Contrast is one of the necessary conditions for a 'good screen, The image is more delicate, and with high resolution, the display screen can show high-quality pictures. Fifth: High refresh rate, high refresh rate of LED display screen can make the camera and camera have no defects such as black lines and color blocks when shooting, and the picture is more stable; Sixth: White balance, the function of white balance is to restore the true picture color , It directly affects the effect of advertising; Seventh: large viewing angle, the viewing angle covered by the outdoor LED electronic advertising screen, advertisers hope to be able to clearly and accurately view the original picture, so the pursuit of a large viewing angle is an inevitable requirement. Eighth, uniformity. It is also a necessary condition for a 'good screen'. It depends on the quality of the light-emitting tube, the design level of the display screen, the production technology level, the calibration level, the installation level and many other aspects; Changes in advertising formats. A good outdoor LED display has more detailed requirements. The improvement of quality and the improvement of performance are constant requirements and so on.
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