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The era of led small-pitch displays is coming, the market has exploded

by:XY Screens     2021-10-07
With the continuous improvement of small-pitch technology, the application and market scale of small-pitch are also getting larger and larger. The smaller and smaller LED spacing means that it can enter more application fields, such as LED cinema applications, high-end conference displays, small-pitch TVs, indoor interactive commercial displays, etc. In addition, due to the development of COB small-pitch technology and the development of screen companies Vigorously promote, in eliminating the short-range viewing of LED grain and moiré and other shortcomings, it has a high-definition effect. The accelerated update of small-pitch products is also a major reason for pushing down the price of small-pitch products.   From the perspective of industrial manufacturing scale or market demand increase, the current applications of small-pitch LEDs are in a 'growth period.' The rapid penetration of LED small-pitch products    China's indoor small-pitch LED display market has experienced a 'double high' growth in 2017, and the first quarter of 2018 once again ushered in a year-on-year growth of more than 50%. According to the 'Quarterly Analysis Report on China's Small Pitch LED IndustryFrom the analysis of product packaging technology, the end market is dominated by SMD packaged small-pitch LED products, with a proportion of 97.6%, while the COB packaged small-pitch LEDs account for 2.4%.   According to the 'LED Display Market Report' released, in the next two years, LED display products will have an average annual growth rate of more than 30%, and the growth momentum mainly comes from small-pitch products. Small-pitch display products will continue to exert strength in indoor application scenarios and further penetrate the outdoor application market. 2019-2020 will usher in a full-scale explosion of small-pitch display products. The continuous integration of upstream and downstream resources in the entire industry, the iteration of technology, and the continuous attention and investment of manufacturers in the traditional display industry have added more vitality and potential to the LED small-pitch market. Shipments of small-pitch LED display products will double in the next two years.   Looking at the development of the small-pitch LED industry, the rapid growth of the market is completely dependent on the joint efforts of industry companies. At present, the indoor LED small-pitch industry market is in an explosive period, and the penetration rate of small-pitch in the professional display market is only 20%. Driven by technological progress + cost reduction, the commercial market will be opened, and the market space has huge potential. Industry insiders predict that the small-pitch market is expected to maintain a high growth rate of more than 50% in the next three years, and domestic related industry chain manufacturers will benefit deeply from this. COB technology boosts the rapid development of small-pitch. In fact, since 2015, the small-pitch market has entered a period of rapid growth. It has significant advantages in brightness, color, and reliability. In the professional display market, LCD and DLP splicing screens Rapid replacement, the current penetration rate is close to 20%, technological advancement and cost reduction have promoted the continuous improvement of the small-pitch cost performance, and the replacement space is huge. Mainland China is a global LED production base and is in an advantageous position in the global LED display field. With the emergence of COB technology, the small pitch of LEDs has revived new vitality.   At present, many domestic screen companies are working on COB small-pitch technology. The company will flexibly use capital operations, promote non-public issuance of funds to raise funds, continue to increase investment in the COB field, expand existing production capacity, increase the development and production of COB small-pitch LED display products, and continue to introduce new COB small-pitch LED display products . And increase the market development of COB display products, seize the opportunity, through the three-dimensional market promotion strategy, with the help of the rapid growth of COB display panel business, form a differentiated competitive advantage, and achieve performance curve overtaking. Flip chip and COB packaging technology can bring great improvements in pixel density, manufacturing cost, reliability and many other aspects of small pitches. Upstream and downstream companies in China’s LED industry chain lay out chips, packaging, and applications in all aspects,    the commercial market is more professional The display market is larger, and the improvement of the small-pitch cost performance is expected to promote its rapid penetration in the commercial market. The rapid development of night travel economy has brought new opportunities for applications in small spaces. Innovative operation models in many fields, including movies, advertising, sports, and entertainment, are expected to continue to promote the upward trend of the small-pitch boom. In 2018, the global market size of small pitch is about 6 billion yuan. According to calculations, in the segment of the commercial market, the market space of movie screens will be 3 billion yuan in the future. The small-pitch market is expected to maintain a high growth rate of more than 50% in the next three years.  The competitive advantage of domestic brands is obvious  From the perspective of market distribution, domestic companies have obvious advantages in LED small pitch. In recent years, with the high profit characteristics of small-pitch LED products, more and more manufacturers have been attracted to join the market competition, brand concentration has changed significantly, and industry competition has become increasingly fierce. In addition, in terms of technological breakthroughs, state-owned brands are constantly refreshing their spacing.   This also means the arrival of a watershed in the manufacturing of small pitch industries. The definition of small spacing has been refreshed. In the past, the industry believed that the definition of small spacing was below P2.5, but now products above P2.5 have been regarded as conventional products, and the industry’s definition of small spacing has been updated to below P2. The improvement of the definition of small pitch not only means the advancement of industrial technology and craftsmanship, but also marks the arrival of a watershed in the small pitch industry.
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