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The era of multimedia teaching is coming, new opportunities in the projector market

by:XY Screens     2021-09-17
With the rapid development of information technology, multimedia teaching is becoming more and more popular, whether it is the extensive development of education information projects such as class-to-class communication, school-to-school communication, or the promotion of fair and balanced education, and multimedia teaching is ushering in a new round. Construction boom. As an indispensable weapon for modern teaching, the educational projector has naturally become an important procurement equipment for the country to improve the level of educational infrastructure. As projector products exert greater power on the educational front, those schools and regions with conditions will increase Procurement of large projector products. Especially in the higher education market such as university education, the widespread application of projector products has become one of the important factors restricting the quality of teaching and evaluating the quality of schools. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, more and more advanced functions use teaching equipment to make a new leap. The coordinated use of projectors and electronic whiteboards has begun to be used in large quantities in China, and this method of use is a typical representative of interactive multimedia teaching. However, due to its high price, it is expensive to use with the projector. Therefore, projectors with interactive functions appeared in the projector market in 2010. Due to its technology, the interactive projector eliminates the need to use an expensive interactive whiteboard. You only need to connect the computer to the projector, and through a dedicated electronic writing pen, you can edit on the projection screen of any texture and easily achieve interaction. -Style projection teaching. Its appearance will bring great impact to ordinary education projectors and electronic whiteboards. With the continuous maturity of technology, in the next few years, it will be possible to set off a round of education projector innovations, and the market prospects are still considerable. . According to statistics released by the Ministry of Education, there are 129,100 kindergartens, 394,200 elementary schools, 79 thousand ordinary middle schools, 3,047 regular secondary schools, and 1,778 higher education schools. Each classroom is equipped with a projector. China The education industry market alone will reach a market capacity of more than 11 million units. However, the demand for projector products in the higher education market is very diverse: there are engineering models that can be used in auditoriums with thousands of people, and models that can combine data and video projection; there are also pure data projectors that are required by more than ten laboratories. At the same time, in the case of low brightness requirements for laboratory products, in order to accurately display the test results, the grayscale performance ability and color display ability of the product may be extremely demanding. Faced with the ever-increasing market demand, but the higher education market with extremely high product performance requirements, if you want to have a place, the first thing to do is to improve the quality of its own products. Therefore, major projection manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Epson, Hitachi, etc. have increased their innovative research and development efforts on high-end products, and a number of high-performance projector products with high brightness, high resolution, wide screen and other characteristics continue to flood in. The market caters well to the development needs of the higher education market. Compared with the general education industry procurement, higher education has obvious differences in procurement methods and requirements. Most colleges and universities adopt independent procurement methods to build their own multimedia classrooms. The procurement cycle is mostly after tuition fees are collected each autumn. In terms of product demand, because most colleges and universities equipped with projectors are large-area occasions such as lecture halls, the brightness requirements of college users are generally 500 to 1,000 lumens higher than the same period demand of general education users. According to the survey, engineering projectors with higher brightness and stronger management functions, especially the single-lamp low-brightness engineering projectors that are relatively inexpensive and users have the ability to equip them in a large number of teaching environments, will be one of the best in the higher education industry. Expected growth point.
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