The European Cup lifts the wave of projection to watch the ball, the expansion of the projection app

The European Cup lifts the wave of projection to watch the ball, the expansion of the projection application field

by:XY Screens     2021-08-30
With the application upgrade of projection technology in people’s daily life, projectors are continuously implementing applications in more fields and environments, from the most popular projectors to watch the European Cup, to home theaters, 'construction cinemasThe appearance rate of cafes and projectors in modern people's lives continues to rise. In the current Chinese market, due to the continuous upgrading of the projector’s own technology and functions, it is precisely in line with the increasing demands of ordinary consumers for image display. Projectors are gradually entering every corner of people’s lives, and projection life is becoming everywhere.  Watching the European Cup in the best dormitory in history   Recently, a picture of boys watching the European Cup in the dormitory of a certain university circulated on the Internet. From the photo, you can see an ultra-compact projector placed on the table. The image of the ball game is projected on a wall of the dormitory. Several boys sit around to watch and discuss. Since most university dormitories are not equipped with TVs and other equipment, the students can only watch the European Cup games online, but limited by the screen size of desktops and laptops, it is very unsuitable for fans to gather together to watch, and this smart micro-projector, It can easily realize the characteristics of large-size display without taking up much space, and it is undoubtedly the first choice for students to use the projector to watch the ball game collectively.  Open-air 'Construction Site Cinema'  In addition to using the projector in an indoor environment like a dormitory, the projector can also play movies in an open-air construction site with a poor environment. At the end of April this year, the Red Cross Branch of the Minzu University of China, a public welfare organization for college students, joined forces with the projector to bring a wonderful movie to the workers from the China Construction Second Bureau, which opened the prelude to enriching the cultural life of migrant workers this summer. The place where the movie is put is in the living area of u200bu200bthe workers. The open space, a white wall, and a projector form a 'construction-site cinema' under such an environment. The projection equipment is excellent for playing movies for migrant workers. The playback effect is comparable to the indoor projection effect.  The first 3D movie cafe in China  The traditional home environment is constantly adding projector elements in the renovation design. Whether it is for commercial purposes or private parties, the application of the projector brings a shocking visual experience. In March of this year, the first domestic 3D movie cafe that appeared near Houhai in Beijing was transformed from an old Beijing courtyard house with a projector. Customers sitting in the store, sipping fragrant coffee, and watching wonderful 3D blockbuster films, it provides an excellent base for 3D movie lovers to watch movies. The technology and effects of the 3D projector are comparable to blockbuster movies in the cinema. At the same time, the ease of operation and intelligence of the product greatly increase the frequency of movie playback. Before the start of the European Cup, a fan friend from Fujian used a projector to change his one-bedroom into a home theater, and invited many friends to watch and discuss the football together during the European Cup.  A powerful tool for office white-collar lunch breaks   At present, the use of projectors in the office environment, most people's thinking is still limited to the use of conferences and presentations PPT, but some white-collar workers have made full use of the projector as a resource to tap the fun. During the European Cup, white-collar fans took advantage of the lunch break to watch the wonderful goals of the previous game through a projector in the office, making up for the regret that they could not see the live broadcast in the middle of the night. The super clear and large screen effect of the projector makes it an extraordinary experience even when watching a ball in the office. For female white-collar workers, watching popular dramas such as 'The Legend of Zhen Huan' during the lunch break has also become a big pleasure in a busy day at work. This application makes the projector that was originally used in the office a must-have weapon for employees’ lunch breaks. With the continuous development of projection technology, the use environment of the projector has been breaking through people’s inherent concepts, and its application rate in people’s lives With continuous improvement, major manufacturers continue to introduce new models of projectors to meet the different needs of users. As the projector market matures, in the future, projectors are likely to become the biggest competitor of display devices such as TVs, replacing their home appliances as essential products.
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