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The 'Evolution Theory' of Home Theater System

by:XY Screens     2021-09-13
The development history of home theater system has decades. Whether in terms of technology, concept or innovative ideas, it has undergone several major developments and changes. Its development is closely related to the consumer electronics industry, video and audio fields, etc., but At the core, the concept of 'creating excellent and convenient entertainment and enjoyment for people' is to continuously review the development history of home theater systems. In addition to seeing technological progress, we should also look forward to the future of large-screen entertainment displays. Prospects. In the 1950s and 1960s, there was no “home theater system” as defined today, but it was also a pleasure for people to enjoy large-screen images at home, but the equipment was an old film-type movie projector, and the ordinary home application was 8mm. Or 9.5 mm film. At that time, there was very little image content. There were already compact projectors and screens, but generally there was no audio. These series of devices were considered the embryonic form of home theater. At that time, users generally showed home videos they had taken, and there were also a small number of transcribed movies. At that time, professional home theaters were called 'screening roomsThe more well-designed portable film projector appeared after the color 8mm film was born. At that time, the audio aspect also developed, but only the expensive and poorly effective mono. At the end of the 1970s, the emergence of home video tapes brought a whole new era. Films and matching projectors were completely eliminated. VCRs can be easily connected to TV sets. This also makes the development of home theater display technology a step forward. Stride. In the 1980s, the emergence of multi-channel audio systems and laser discs brought more exciting advances to the development of home theater systems. The first modern home theater system with epoch-making significance was born in the United States. This system is equipped with four-channel audio and equipped with a single-shot three-beam color picture tube TV launched by Sony. Subsequently, this system has been sought after by users, and more importantly, many video, audio and equipment manufacturers have joined forces to continuously introduce better home theater systems. Since then, providing high-definition large images and multi-channel sound quality have become the basic definition of home theater systems. In the early and mid-1990s, the mainstream home theater projection system mainly consisted of rear-projection TV as the large-screen display product, and CD player or home video tape player as the video source. If users invest more cost to build mid-to-high-end home theater , Then home theater projector products make them the best choice. In the late 1990s, a new force in home theater was born, that is, the popular application of DVD media, 5.1-channel audio playback, and the emergence of high-definition video home theater projectors. These new technologies and new products have made home theater a new look. The equipment can provide users with an effect comparable to that of a real cinema, which can be said to open up new horizons. On the other hand, the launch of wide-screen high-definition TVs, especially flat-panel TVs, has brought a certain impact to the home theater system, but later in many aspects, it can be said that flat-panel TVs have become an integral part of the home theater system. After 2000, the development of high-resolution video formats is the most anticipated. At present, it can be regarded as dust landing. Blu-ray DVD has surpassed HD-DVD. Of course, the more practical aspect is that the full HD 1080p resolution picture has become more and more important. A popular video format, which can truly take advantage of the large-screen display capabilities of the home theater projection system. With the development of display technology and products, the price of the home theater system is gradually reduced. At present, ordinary users can also build in their own rooms. A full high-definition home theater, I believe that the future home theater system will be favored by more users, bringing shocking large-screen high-definition visual entertainment to users.
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