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the facts behind genuine sony projector lamps - presentation

by:XY Screens     2019-11-02

The projector has a lot more lights than the eyes;It\'s certainly not just a simple light bulb.For example, Sony projector lights are very bright and they can only achieve this brightness through a complex chemical and electrical system installed in a sealed module.Sony projector lamp precision-Manufacturing components that require professional equipment and intensive, skilled manpower input.So it makes sense that few manufacturers in the world have the necessary professional equipment to make them.All this makes this lamp the most expensive part of all projectors to date;As a result, their replacement costs are high.Not long ago, the projector used halogen lamps, which produced low-intensity yellow light and soon burned out.With the advent of digital technology, a new generation of powerful metal halogen lamps has also emerged.This powerful light (Sony projector light with an average of 1000 lumens or higher) is necessary to activate the LCD or DLP panel, which can produce advanced images known to modern projectors.Sony projector lights through the ultra-High pressure arc tube containing mercury steam.The tube responds by generating enough heat to vaporize the mercury vapor, and then responds by producing bright light (or plasma) on the LCD screen.Arc lamps containing various gases;The Sony projector lamp contains mercury vapor, as this creates a strong white light and is ideal for image projection.The metal halogen lamp has an incredible high-light output due to its size, making it an ideal choice for small modern Sony Projectors.Although they are expensive, they usually last 2000 hours or more-much longer than the old halogen lamps.The downside to this is the heat they produce-the reason for the early burn-out-and the safety side.For soft operation, special fixtures are required for Sony projector lamps.They are also \"point\" light sources, so auxiliary components such as quartz reflector are required to focus the light where it is needed.Replace the wornThe Out projection light is more than just a light bulb.Mercury Steam is dangerous, especially when it is ignited under pressure.Therefore, there is a thick glass lens in front of the bulb to protect the user when the bulb explodes.The Sony projector lamp is connected to the auxiliary system, which controls the discharge level during startupAnd operation.During assembly, it is very important for the bulb to align properly with the reflector, which must be remembered when replacing the bulb, so that the design of the projector can simplify the process.The projector bulb is quite delicate and easily damaged.This makes it a professional job to replace the bulb and it is best to leave it to qualified technicians.Instead, Sony projector lights are sold as a complete unit, including projector bulbs and housing, and anyone can easily install a real Sony projector bulb.While this makes the Sony projector\'s lights a little more expensive, it also means that ordinary users can replace them with a basic screwdriver, saving more money in the long run.
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