The functional advantages of Huaze Optoelectronics LED staircase screen_staircase LED display|LED fl

The functional advantages of Huaze Optoelectronics LED staircase screen_staircase LED display|LED floor tile screen|led staircase screen

by:XY Screens     2021-09-20
Huaze Optoelectronics staircase LED display is irreplaceable in ground decoration applications such as TV stage, bar entertainment, etc. It has been successfully used in many TV stations and many important program stages. Aluminum alloy structure, high-strength wear-resistant fabric, can be seamlessly spliced, and has a high load-bearing capacity [500kg/S (S≥160x160 mm)] fully enclosed heat dissipation structure, IP65 protection level RGB deep grayscale processing, video synchronization display output . The entire staircase uses LED floor tile screens, either sparkling or blooming, and the special effects produced by the computer can be vividly displayed on the ground. Staircase LED display features ★High load-bearing performance: The use of toughened glass design, resistance to heavy pressure and impact, can carry a weight of up to 1.5T per square meter;   ★Scratch-resistant plastic-aluminum alloy surface, and polycarbonate material, Anti-corrosion;   ★Easy maintenance: with power and signal working status self-checking function, it can display the power and signal working status of each product in real time. When the product does not display the screen, it helps to quickly determine the problem and quickly take corresponding maintenance measures  ★Can be disassembled and replaced separately: When a product in the entire screen of the led staircase screen fails, it can be directly disassembled and replaced without dismantling other products, helping you quickly solve product emergencies;   ★Protection level up to IP65: dustproof, Waterproof, anti-vibration, no fear of severe rainy weather, the led staircase screen can be used in outdoor environments with confidence;    ★Large viewing angle design: even when the viewing angle is close to 120 degrees, the normal display can still be viewed, when the camera is low The display screen can also be taken when shooting at an angle;   ★High-strength wear-resistant face mask: The led staircase screen face shield is made of high wear-resistant resin to ensure its high wear-resistant and scratch-resistant performance, and prevent the mask from being scratched and affecting the display effect of the color tiles  ★Aluminum alloy structure design: The main structure of the led stair screen is made of aluminum alloy, which brings excellent thermal conductivity and makes the product lighter and stronger;   ★Excellent heat dissipation performance: professional heat dissipation channel design to ensure the heat of the led stair screen Quickly and effectively export, so that product performance is not affected by heat;   ★High-quality power supply, stable and reliable: Choose high-quality power supply Kangshu power supply to further ensure long-term stable operation of the product; with power factor correction (PFC) function, effectively reduce the damage Grid impact;   ★Huaze Optoelectronics has launched a set of low-power solutions, which can make the display screen run 1/3 energy-saving than the original, and further greatly reduce your operating costs;   ★With high refresh rate and high grayscale, make stairs The picture of the LED display is more lifelike and meets the requirements of high visual quality for commercial use;   ★With the function of brightness and color point-by-point correction, the screen of the staircase LED display is richer and meets the requirements of high visual quality for commercial use;   ★Support A variety of video signals, including general VGA, DVI traditional video signals and HDMI and other high-definition video signals, and can receive TV, VCD, DVD, live and other video programs. ★With dual network cable hot backup function, two computers control one screen at the same time. When one computer has a problem, the other computer will automatically take over to ensure the normal operation of the screen;   ★Using an efficient optical fiber transmission system, effectively reducing the transmission distance The signal delay phenomenon caused by the long distance ensures the consistency of the screen playback;   ★All the displayed information can be controlled by remote network, and the screen information can be easily replaced with a mouse click, thus realizing the advertising display network of the city and region Clustering;   ★Support network control function, which enables you to control the display screens of several cities in one place, and change the content you want to play at any time;   ★With our equipped multi-function card, it can be switched on and off at any time with software timing or manually. Realize unattended function;   ★The standardization of cabinet design makes the same cabinet size suitable for different pixel display requirements, which makes the installation of LED advertising screens more convenient;   ★The LED video control system has a double backup system, once a failure occurs , Customers can switch to the backup system immediately;   ★The company also provides customers with related maintenance spare parts, all LED stair screen spare parts are modular design, which is convenient for after-sales maintenance;   ★ According to customer requirements and on-site environment, tailor the most suitable Staircase LED display solution;   staircase LED display application places led staircase screens are widely used in bars, clubs, theaters, theaters, stage evenings, multi-functional exhibition halls, cafes, hotels, stage performances, concert halls, commercial buildings, airports, Stations, large shopping malls, government agencies and other places.
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