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The future large-screen splicing market 'fight' is strength

by:XY Screens     2021-08-30
After more than ten years of development, the domestic large-screen splicing market has now entered a period of rapid growth. According to the evaluation results of the large-screen splicing market data by professional institutions, the market sales growth rate in 2010 is expected to reach 20%, achieving a market size of more than 4.7 billion yuan. However, with the rapid development of the large-screen splicing market, some bad phenomena have also appeared in the industry. If the company does not have certain strength, it will be difficult to continue in this market. A serious response to product homogeneity requires strength 'Currently, the competition in the large-screen market is very cruel, and the homogeneity of products and technology is so serious that it will inevitably cause aesthetic fatigue.' Many splicing manufacturers have turned to projection reaction. At this time, it is difficult for businesses to stand out in the market if they still make a fuss about products blindly. Therefore, whether it is in various exhibitions or in the slogans of enterprises, we can find that splicing manufacturers are more willing to use phrases such as 'large-screen splicing system solution provider' to reflect the difference from other businesses. This means that splicing manufacturers must not only have good products, but also have strong system integration capabilities and the ability to grasp the technology development trend of the large screen industry, and they must also have more To be sure of this aspect, it is even more important to ensure the later maintenance of the product, which is not something that every splicing manufacturer can do. In addition, from the perspective of the consumer market, as the homogeneity of spliced u200bu200bproducts becomes more and more serious, some relatively small companies have to lower the price of their products to attract users' attention without competitive advantages, which triggers vicious competition. It also leads to a relatively lower product profit, and once the profit is reduced, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the product. As a result, users are more willing to move closer to powerful large companies when purchasing large-screen products. The trend of industry segmentation is obvious. Powerful companies have more advantages. The large-screen splicing industry is an industry that pays great attention to segmentation, especially now that the application of large-screen splicing systems has become more and more extensive, and the differences in applications between various industries are also increasing. obvious. For example, industries such as coal mines and electric power have very high requirements for the processing and display capabilities of various monitored videos and data; while the demand for virtual residential applications in the fields of national defense and scientific research is also becoming stronger, and some systems emphasize the integration of information display and remote video. Application, providing targeted solutions for different industries has become more and more important, and the 'industry professionalism' of solutions has also become one of the key factors in market competitiveness.
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