The future prospects of transparent LED screen are promising_LED transparent screen manufacturers|Hu

The future prospects of transparent LED screen are promising_LED transparent screen manufacturers|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-10-02
As an innovative LED display product, LED transparent screen is a dark horse in the LED display market segment. Its emergence has brought us such a revelation that when the industry as a whole is sluggish and the market is in a dilemma, only innovation and continuous innovation can the industry rejuvenate and the market has the possibility of ushering in the spring. , The enterprise can survive and continue to grow and develop. This also has certain reference significance for the entire LED industry. As for the size of the transparent screen market in the future, people in the industry have different opinions. In any case, it is too early to draw conclusions. At present, the only thing we can do is to make good products and cultivate the market. For transparent screens, the two biggest problems at present are how to improve its stability, and how to reduce costs while ensuring quality, further reduce prices, and increase market acceptance. Of course, the promotion of any technology or product will not be accomplished overnight, because technology is discovered through practical applications and then improved. The product is the same, and the market always has a process of adaptation. Although everyone is generally optimistic about the prospects of transparent screens, some people in the industry have expressed a certain hidden worry, that is, when the market value of transparent screens has not been fully demonstrated, the product is not mature and the market has not fully opened up early. He stepped into a fierce and vicious price war. LED transparent screen is in the early stage of development, and everyone is generally optimistic about its future development prospects. According to statistics, the total area of u200bu200bmodern glass curtain walls in China has exceeded 70 million square meters. Such a huge stock of glass curtain walls is a huge potential market for outdoor media advertising. So far, the advertising value of this market has not been fully developed. The emergence of transparent led screens is expected to create a new blue ocean for outdoor advertising. The luminous measuring LED lamp beads used in the transparent LED display on the market have poor versatility, poor consistency and stability, resulting in high production costs and troublesome after-sales service; currently there are more customized products on the market, small quantities, and large Large-scale production is more difficult, which is also an important reason for the higher cost of LED transparent screens. The led transparent screen not only integrates all the advantages of the conventional outdoor high-definition LED display, but also eliminates the aesthetic problem of the city to the greatest extent. Because the LED transparent screen is mostly installed behind the glass curtain wall, even when it is not working during the day, it will not cause any impact on the surrounding environment. At the same time, because it adopts a new form of indoor advertising and outdoor dissemination, it circumvents the approval of outdoor advertising. With the acceleration of the pace of urban construction, glass curtain walls, such high-end and atmospheric building materials, have gradually become popular. With its light and thin, no steel frame structure, LED transparent screens are easy to install and maintain, and have good permeability. The glass curtain wall can be said to be a hit. It is not only without any sense of contradiction when applied to the glass curtain wall, but also because of its fashion, beauty, modern and technological atmosphere, it adds a special beauty to the urban architecture. Therefore, the transparent LED screen has won everyone's unanimous recognition in the market, and has received widespread attention and enthusiasm.
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