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The game room that cannot be used by Ge You is not a good home theater!

by:XY Screens     2022-02-13
In an era when the cultural and entertainment industry is in full swing, everyone's demand for entertainment is increasing, and new movies in theaters every week have become daily routines. If conditions permit, people will not refuse to have an audio-visual room, and the unique audio-visual effects of home theater are unmatched by movie theaters. The audio-visual room can be said to be a multi-functional area. It is a good place to gather and connect with friends. Some people are obsessed with the audio-visual room as a place for games and entertainment.

To create a private audio-visual room, choose colors, styles, and room; choose sound-proof and sound-absorbing materials; pay attention to professional design in the placement of furniture, and you can create an audio-visual room with excellent sound and picture quality.

Decoration style

The home audio-visual room is highly functional and simple, and it is necessary to avoid excessive display of handicrafts. The style can be self-contained, modern and simple, Chinese, European and complex. It is based on personal hobbies, or based on the overall decoration style of the home.


The color matching can be gray, black, coffee, apricot as the main color, red, yellow, orange, green and other brilliant colors can be embellished, so as to create a good audio-visual room. If the homeowner has a soft spot for bright colors and it must be, then bravely try it.


The home audio-visual room cannot affect the normal life of other rooms, let alone the living of the surrounding neighbors. Therefore, villas generally choose the basement as the audio-visual room because of its natural sound insulation effect. At the same time, the doors and windows should be soundproofed, the walls and the ground should be sound-absorbing, and the indoor and outdoor areas should be double-layered.
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