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The grey vs. the white office projection screen

The grey vs. the white office projection screen


Office projector is a must-have item these days. Since the projectors are cheap and efficient compared to installing TV screens, they are most used and preferred. But which are the best projector screens that can be used in an office setup? It can be frustrating to install one and find its picture quality is not what you expected. A number of causes can result in this outcome. But the most common reason is the screen, so, what is the best screen for you?

First, you must consider the location where you are to install or use the projector screen. Is the room dark or full of natural light? The type of Projector screen to be installed will greatly be determined by the lighting condition of the room.

White or grey

The grey projector screen is not conversant by many people, though this screen is preferred by most who use these screen type for home cinemas, most people in the cooperate world don’t prefer it. The grey screen has its benefits too as it does have its cons.

The main difference and advantage of a grey screen compared to the white screen is the brightness and contrast. But even so, it will depend on the lighting of your room. The grey screen will be perfect in a dark room where there is no entry of natural light. The grey screen will give you the picture quality and contrast if used in a naturally lit room, which is possible for an office projector screen or in an office setup.

But in a blacked house the white screen will give you the best result ever. This is the main reason as to the way the white screen is widely used. So why then consider having a grey screen?

Grey screen

When you use the grey screen for an office projector screen, your projector will not be able to project anything in black. Black cannot be projected onto a grey surface. But if your projector puts out a lot of light then this is the best choice you can have, for it absorbs the light from the projector, unlike the white ones. This is the main reason they are preferred in offices. but most people also prefer a white screen. but grey is best in absorbing light, hence why most prefer grey screens. When a dark image is projected onto a grey screen, ensure that there is a lot of natural light. In offices the grey screen will do well since they are mostly large rooms with much natural light, this makes them perfect for this situation. But cinemas will prefer a white screen since they operate in a dark room.

What to consider

White projector screens it will entirely depend on the location where you what to install it. If the room in which you intend to install your screen is dark, then go for a white screen but since it’s an office am guessing there is plenty of natural light, then go for a grey screen. This will give you the best in terms of contrast and brightness. With natural light, the grey will perfectly highlight the black pixels in perfection.

Before going buy one understand the condition and location of where you want to install it. Since many of the stores will allow you to test, don’t ignore, do the test to see what actually works best for you. This will actually help you make the best decision.

Another thing you need to consider is the type of projector you are using. Does it give out a lot of light? If it does, then a grey screen will do you the magic.

In an office setup, I would advise you to consider using a grey screen. But it will depend if your office is exposed to the natural right. Grey screen will reduce the brightness from the natural light and give you sharp and bright enough images. Thus reducing the hustle of buying blinders for the office projector screen, for grey screens determine mostly what happens to the right produced by the projector.

Having said that, there are some pros and cons of a grey screen, they include:


i. Has less color bleeding

ii. Improved color production


i. Got hot spotting

ii. Has negative gain


For an office setup using a grey screen for a projector over using a white screen is the best choice you can ever make. For a white screen will only give you a brighter image while a grey screen will give you a better quality output of images. And the fact that the grey screen can be in most different lighted conditions.

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