The growth of the domestic projector market is the slowest in recent years, not up to expectations

by:XY Screens     2021-09-18
Since the Chinese projection market has become the world's largest single market, the Chinese projector market has become the focus of attention, attracting a series of innovations and upgrades from global projection brands in new technology research and development, new product launches, and channel upgrades. In 2012, the Chinese projection market had more than 1,300 projector models, with a total sales volume of 182,7,000 units, with sales exceeding 10 billion yuan (10.35 billion yuan). At the same time, the number of projectors in the domestic market exceeded 7.1 million units (excluding micro Projectors and high-end cinema line series projectors above 2K). In 2012, the domestic projector market did not reach the expected 2 million units, and the total sales volume reached 182,7000. The Chinese projector market has more than 1,300 projector models, which is the first single-digit growth in recent years. Among them, the first quarter of 2012 sales reached 31,0200 units; the second quarter sales reached 423,000 units; the third quarter sales reached 573,000 units; the fourth quarter was 520,800 units. Although the sales volume of the projection market in 2012 did not reach the expected 2 million units, the third quarter, as the concentrated period of education procurement, was still the quarter with the largest sales volume. However, the growth rate was only 4.9% compared with the same period last year, which is in recent years. The 'education procurement period' was the slowest year-on-year increase.
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