The high-definition era of the projection screens audio-visual industry is coming: 4Ku00263D to me-X

The high-definition era of the projection screen's audio-visual industry is coming: '4Ku00263D' to me

by:XY Screens     2021-09-03
With the continuous and rapid development of technology in the audio-visual industry, high-definition display has become an inevitable trend in the development of the audio-visual industry. The development of high-definition display, 4K display technology is of course an important part. At first, 4K was mainly used in digital cinemas. However, with the introduction of Sony, Epson, JVC home 4K projectors, Snowhite and Hongye 4K projection screens, we have The distance went so close all at once. Due to the unique advantages of 4K HD, it is believed that whether it is applied in the field of digital cinema or the home field, it will be the trend of future development. The source of the 4k concept The concept of 4k comes from the film industry. In the process of converting film into digital images, Hollywood studios used image files with a resolution of 4096×3112 pixels in order to restore the film shooting effect most completely. The horizontal resolution is 4096 pixels, which is referred to as 4k for short. Accumulation: SNOWHITE4Ku00263D nano high-definition projection screen surprises major domestic exhibitions In 2012, SNOWHITE '4K' high-definition vision and Victor 3D smart cinema thousands of cities experience activities will be launched nationwide. On July 11, 2012, SNOWHITE '4K Nano' HD Vision and Victor 3D Smart Cinema Experience Event (Wuhan Station) was grandly staged at Wuhan Optics Valley Golden Shield Hotel. The event was divided into two parts: free experience, technical exchange and lottery. . Many media and industry leaders and distributors were invited to participate in the experience meeting. The magnificent brand-new 4K nano screen, 3D projection system and smart cinema, as always, have become the most noticeable highlights in this event. The products on display represent the most advanced technology in the field of international projection screens. They are highly praised by professionals and confirmed again. The leading position of the brand in the screen industry. On July 19, 2012, the SONY 4K projection new product exhibition held by Digital Home Magazine was successfully held in Chengdu. As a sponsor of this screen, the latest product 4Ku00263D nano high-definition screen was successfully applied to the exhibition. A combination of 4K screen and 4K projector. It brought an extraordinary visual feast to the participants. In 2012, the '4K' nano '3D' smart high-definition vision annual tour event jointly created by Shenzhen Projection, SONY, and Digital Home was successfully launched at the Dragon City International Hotel on August 2. Originated from the '4K' nano high-definition projection system jointly launched by Sony and Sony, the '4K' nano and '3D' intelligent projection systems displayed at the event not only attracted the attention of relevant media, but also attracted the attending householders, business personnel, and enterprises. The executives waited brightly. The excitement is still going on, the classics will still be performed, I believe 4k tomorrow will be brilliant!
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