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the hottest trends in mobile accessories are…

by:XY Screens     2020-02-25
Pocket Boom portable vibration speaker pocket boom mini speaker with pod-
Like form, it looks like a fairly small device.
Until you open one end of it and reveal a hidden speaker.
You can then position the speaker end on one surface, which will provide you with good acoustics.
The picture here shows the box used as a surface, but I also see it used on upturned glass, windows, plastic bowls --
Anything around you vibrates.
From the other end, you take out the Jack and connect it to your smartphone --easy as that.
It\'s not super
High quality sound, but it works very well for a fun and portable gift. Bolle BP-
10 Photo Printer-this is a very generous gift for the iPhone and AndroidWhile for the holidays, and of course it is a very useful gift, beautifully designed.
The recently released version means that both iPhone and Android users can use the printer to print photos directly from their phones.
It is small, inconspicuous and very simple to use.
Now there are high quality cameras on smartphones, which will be a trend for mobile accessories and will continue.
The price is around $175/110GBP, which is not a cheap gift but may be perfect for someone.
It will print 4x6 inch photos and can also be used as a charging dock for the phone-
So you can think of it as two super
A hot accessory.
Download the Bolle app and you can go.
Multi-link Bluetooth mini keyboard proof that in order to play a role in business travel, you don\'t need to have this mini Bluetooth keyboard with fancy dock for Motorola Atrix, IOGEAR to bring your smartphone
The real benefit of this latest design is that it can easily switch from one device to another so that it can go from tablet to phone to PC without any problems
There is even a dedicated iPad home button and a dedicated media hotkey that makes things very simple.
Make it easier to play games on your phone too! eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250], \'Brighthub _ combox-
4\', \'ezslot_2\', 263, \'0\']));
STK iPhone 4S Power case is definitely one of the hot trends in mobile accessories, those that meet a variety of features.
We love our gadgets and accessories, but if you have to ship about 10 different accessories with it, who wants a slim, lightweight phone?
This power pack is suitable for this pair
Type of purpose and solving the biggest problems faced by all smartphone users
The battery is running too fast.
This accessory is not only designed seamlessly, but also protects your iPhone 4 S.
Power can be charged before you leave home and power off-
Turn on the switch to increase the content of the juice.
The MiLi Power Projector 2 MiLi Projector is not new and it has not been a huge success until then.
However, all this will change due to Mili Power projector 2!
It is very slim considering what it can do, with little noise --
This is a problem with the first model.
With the big boys in the smartphone world now recording in HD quality, or at least providing high-resolution still images, the use of portable projectors has actually started.
Don\'t forget, it could also be a good attachment to the business demo (
Or in fact, just boring family members take a holiday snapshot! ).
The RDTX portable radiation detector at Iphoneno says holiday gifts are very much like radiation detectors!
It seems that the Japanese can\'t get enough of these probes connected to your iPhone, but it\'s no wonder they\'re so popular after the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
Elsewhere in the world, we won\'t be able to get gloves on these devices until November --
Just in time for the holiday.
I joked that this is certainly not an ideal gift, but it is a popular accessory and only the new 2012 will become more and more popular.
All you need to do is support the app and you can get 1 m of reading directly on your iPhone.
HTC Rhyme accessories-works like a charade, and while I still question whether a gender-specific phone is needed, there is no doubt that young girls especially like their accessories.
The design of HTC Rhyme takes women into account and comes with a range of matching accessories.
The least of them is the charm of the phone, designed to hang out from the pocket or wallet --
When you have news or miss the phone, the magenta light will shine.
There\'s no doubt that if you\'re a teenager it\'s cool and there\'s no doubt that HTC Rhyme is selling at a high price, including many accessories.
I hope this trend will not continue, not believe it.
It\'s not new to take stylesocks to the pier, but Bluelounge\'s latest Milo design really shows the fashion and functionality of the dock.
This is a great gift for anyone with a smartphone.
It can be used as a clock on the bedside table, or why not use it when playing a movie or playing a game?
You don\'t have to worry about any suction cups, springs, or clips in addition to the exquisite and minimalist design --
Milo uses the mat to secure the phone in place and can be easily cleaned with just transparent tape. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280], \'Brighthub _ combanner-
1\', \'ezslot_5\', 363, \'0\']));
Can I have the humble little device of OonaThis with OOOoohh? It may win the crown for such a multi-purpose.
Forget about dual use equipment to save so much space in your bagpurpose!
Each unit comes with 2 suction cups, 1 Oona and 1 round base, both on the windshield of the car, and can be turned into anything you need to hold your phone as a bedside alarm clock, even stick it on the fridge as a shopping list.
Oona and various accessories mean that you are covered and not bulky no matter what occasion, so the beauty of your phone will still glow and heat.
This device is too hot and can only be used for pre-
But believe me, this gadget will be a big news.
The retro cool of BookBook is not only one of BookBook\'s dual-use accessories, but also the key to the retro cool box, which is also essential
Men and women with style and sense of humor.
Looks like a well
Thumbed leather bound book with lots of pockets to use as a case for your iPhone, as well as a wallet to use as your cash and card.
What I particularly like is that your phone is stylishly but hardline protected while you don\'t have to worry about leaving anything behind.
Pick up your book and key and you\'re all ready.
Vintage is definitely one of the current trends in mobile accessories as they stand out in the crowd.
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