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The image life of the hacker leader! !

by:XY Screens     2021-08-11
MySpace founder Tom Anderson, on November 8, 1970, a boy named Tom Anderson came to this world. 14 years later, he grew up to become the leader of a hacker organization and compromised the computer system of Chase Manhattan Bank. In 2003, at the age of 33, he and another partner founded the popular social networking site MySpace. In 2005, this website was acquired by the media tycoon Murdoch's News Corporation for US$580 million (approximately RMB 4.7 billion at the time), and Tom immediately achieved financial freedom. After worrying about food and clothing, the computer genius began to think about life more than once: Where will he go from now on? In 2009, Tom got rid of company affairs and pursued other ideals. He used to be the lead singer and guitarist in a band called Swank. He also plans to be a scholar-like professor at a university and travel the world. He never thought that his home was a photographer. After all, with regard to photography, he has always been nothing but good luck. In 2011, he took a camera to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada to participate in a local festival when he happened to encounter a sandstorm. He took such a picture and then he was handsome by the picture he took! fall! NS! This multi-talented Sao Nian has since concentrated on, never going back in the world of photography. In order to improve his own level, he delved into movies and drew inspiration from the performance techniques of movies. He likes shooting scenery most, not portraits, and first traveled to famous spots in the United States. Among the major attractions in the United States, West Virginia, Las Vegas, Oregon, he has a soft spot for Hawaii. However, the world is so big, he will definitely go out and take a look. As he walked and learned and took photos, Tom's photography gradually became fascinating. He used super wide-angle and slow shutter speed to capture the busy traffic in London. It also photographed the romance and tranquility of Austria. And the tranquility of Venice. He walked through many cities. But prefer to stay in a small town. He was fascinated by the scenery of New Zealand. I was also moved by the purity and dream of Iceland. After traveling to Europe and America, he became interested in Asia again. Malaysia·Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Philippines·Manila Among the countries Tom has been to, China is one of his favorites. Outstanding people are always good at studying. After doing some research, he actually photographed authentic Chinese style.
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