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The indoor application of small-pitch LED displays still has a long way to go

by:XY Screens     2021-09-12
In recent years, the topic of small-pitch LED display has become a hot topic. Relying on its own technical advantages, the functions and application areas of small-pitch LED displays have been continuously enriched, and more indoor applications have begun. Such as in the field of video conferencing and video surveillance, and mainly concentrated in the fields of transportation, energy, public security, emergency rescue and so on. It is rapidly replacing traditional LCDs, splicing walls, projection lamps and other display products. And some industry experts believe that under the wave of 'price warsWith the continuous enhancement and innovation of traditional outdoor product technology, the technical space for the research and development of indoor small-pitch products has been broadened, and the attention of upstream manufacturers to small-pitch products is also increasing year by year, highlighting the indoor display market opportunities... all of the above An important reason why traditional LED display companies are keen on small-pitch development. The emergence of small-pitch LED displays is not only technically inevitable, but also an active market choice for LED display companies, and it is an instinctive drive for LED display companies to pursue capital benefits and expansion. In the future, as the market opening trend becomes clearer and product profitability rises sharply, the unprecedented market enthusiasm for small-pitch LED displays will be ignited.  Small-pitch LED display is concentrated in the security field.   Small-pitch LED display is no longer an unfamiliar vocabulary in the eyes of the majority of industry professionals. In view of the fact that the small-pitch LED display can display higher resolution pictures under the same size, and it has the characteristics of high color gamut, high refresh rate, no image retention, and low power consumption. , The trend of comfort display effect requirements. And in our daily life, we can see the figure of LED display screen everywhere, which shows that the usage rate of LED display screen is still quite high. However, it is not difficult to find that most of them are still based on traditional LED display products. With the gradual advancement of fine-pitch technology, leading LED display companies have begun to focus more on the broader indoor application market.  The most widely used one is the application in the field of security. It is completely seamless and the display color is natural and true. It is the biggest advantage of the small-pitch LED display screen and different from the traditional LED display screen. With the improvement of LED display technology in recent years, various types of monitors emerge in endlessly, with lighter weight, higher definition and brighter colors. Due to the emergence of some super-large splicing screen projects in the market, it can meet the demand characteristics of large number of signal sources and complex control system. In addition, LED display screens have broken through the limitation of splicing. Therefore, the application prospects of LED display screens in the security industry are still very good. Obviously, the small-pitch LED display will promote the progress of the security field, and the security field will also promote the development of the LED display.  Small-pitch LED display screen The pace of household display has been delayed.  The large number of applications of small-pitch LED display in the security field have shown great advantages and development potential. However, there is no larger application in the home display market. Due to the need to install more LED lamp beads per unit area, small-pitch LED displays have higher technological requirements, and problems such as heat dissipation and circuits must be solved more costly than traditional ordinary LED display products. The yield rate is low, so the cost of small-pitch LED display products on the market is relatively high. Price has always been a key topic for each of our consumers to choose products, and the choice of small-pitch LED displays is no exception.   In addition, the size of the space is also one of the factors that restrict the small-pitch LED display. Even for products with a small pitch, such as P1.6, to achieve full HD resolution (1920×1080), the screen size will reach 144 inches. This is a huge demand for space. Generally, it can only be changed in 'luxury houses'. To achieve this goal more. The maintenance of later products in use is also a problem that cannot be ignored. Although the lifespan of LED lamp beads can reach 100,000 hours, due to their high density, and the thickness of the products in the room is lower. Therefore, local failures are prone to occur, causing difficulties in heat dissipation. It can be seen that there is still a long way to go as small-pitch LED displays want to truly enter the home display. LED display manufacturers should be further improved in terms of production capacity and technology, so that they can be realized as soon as possible. Application in the field of home display.   To sum up, in the indoor large-screen commercial display market, the application of LCD splicing and DLP splicing has been very mature, covering mid-to-high end. Therefore, for the 'newcomers' small-pitch LED display, the current application market has certain limitations, but it does not mean that there is no room for future development. With the continuous optimization and maturity of LED display technology and the continuous growth of the manufacturer's camp, there will be economies of scale, leading to continuous cost reductions.  In the small-pitch LED display industry, naturally, there is no exception. If so, in the future application and promotion of small-pitch LED displays, 'high price' is obviously impossible to become a barrier that small-pitch LED displays cannot overcome. It is just a matter of time. Looking to the future, the application scale of small-pitch LEDs is even complementary to the application cost. When the two reach a balanced state, small-pitch LEDs will usher in a real explosive period of application.
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