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The laser TV screen is the real C-bit in the living room theater

by:XY Screens     2021-08-27
Nowadays, the presence of TV is getting weaker and weaker. Home projectors and laser projection + laser TV screens have become more and more popular in the past two years because they are more suitable for young people. Both of them present the picture through diffuse reflection, which protects the eyes better than TV. Laser TV uses laser light source and ultra-short-focus projection technology for imaging, and is equipped with a special ultra-short-focus anti-light screen. You can watch radio and TV programs, Internet TV programs, play games, watch movies, watch football matches, sing, watch live broadcasts, and chase dramas... Projection display equipment. Its functions, picture quality and reliability indicators all meet or exceed LCD TV standards, and the form and use method conform to the user's TV usage habits. Compared with LCD TVs, the price is lower than that of LCD TVs of the same size. Home projectors have high requirements for space, and a certain projection distance needs to be ensured to project larger images. Generally, a 90-inch screen can be obtained over 3 meters, a 100-inch screen can be obtained over 3.5 meters, and a 120-inch screen can be obtained at 4.2 meters, while leaving a distance of about half a meter for wiring. The problem of using laser TV is well solved. Laser TV uses the diffuse reflection ultra-short-throw projection principle, which can project a 100-inch screen at a distance of less than 20 cm. Like an LCD TV, an ultra-short-throw laser projector and an ultra-short-throw anti-light screen are placed on the TV. The cabinet is more suitable for the needs of small-sized families pursuing big screens. For home projectors, most of them are not equipped with projection screens or white plastic screens, and do not have the function of anti-ambient light. When using, you need to turn off the lights and draw the curtains to experience the cinema effect. The laser TV screen is resistant to ambient light, and you can enjoy the shock of viewing angle without turning off the lights. The ultra-short-throw anti-light screen is a front projection optical projection film for ultra-short-throw projection applications. It contains a multilayer optical structure and a black film. Using reflective imaging technology, it can effectively absorb ambient light and greatly improve the display in bright environments. The contrast and color saturation of the picture, because the light is reflected light, make the picture soft and smooth, watch for a long time, the eyes will not be fatigued, and can effectively protect the eyes.
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