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The LED battle is ready to go

by:XY Screens     2021-10-06
One of the biggest highlights of the projector market in 2013 is likely to be new light sources, among which LED light sources are still the main competitive point in the projector market. Both the number of new products, the newly added manufacturers and their performance are constantly rising. Especially at the beginning of this year, Optoma took the lead in launching the ML1000 LED projector with up to 1000 lumens, which pushed the LED brightness to a new high. Recently, Acer, which is also a Taiwanese brand, also announced its latest 1000-lumen LED projector K335 abroad, once again boosting the practicability of LED projectors. But this indicates that the two must have a battle, but whoever takes the lead and whose product is more distinctive and attracts attention, seizing the commanding heights has become a major attraction. As early as the end of last year, Liu Wei, manager of the Acer Projector Division, revealed that a new 1000-lumen high-brightness LED projector will be launched this year, which has more features than the previous generation. But only recently, Acer revealed that the specific model of the 1000 lumens LED projector is K335, which seems to come later, and the bright spots are slightly insufficient. In contrast, Optoma, which focuses on the field of projectors and has always been a leader in the field of LED development, first announced the ML1000 LED projector with up to 1000 lumens at the beginning of the year, and also disclosed its performance and functions in detail. It has attracted the attention of many industry insiders and consumers. Recently, Optoma Taiwan's official website has also updated its advertisement, announcing that it will launch ML1000 soon. So which one is better? Who is more looking forward to? You can know by comparison. Appearance: Judging from the current information disclosed by Acer abroad, the appearance of the 1000-lumen LED projector K335 is no different from the previous K330, with only slight changes and lack of novelty. The Optoma ML1000 is even more ultra-thin, with a thickness of only 4.2 cm. It looks like a light and modern handbook, which is light and easy to carry. In addition, the use of the latest touch-sensitive operation interface allows users to project the best business presentations or daily life. It also breaks through the stereotypes that traditional projectors are difficult to set up, and outlines the beauty of simplicity and asymmetrical. Performance: Acer K335 is not much different from Optoma ML1000, both have the same 1000 lumens brightness and WXGA (1280x800) resolution. However, the Acer K335 has increased the contrast ratio to 10,000:1, which is a significant improvement compared to the 4000:1 contrast ratio of the 500 lumens K330. However, Optoma ML1000 has not disclosed its contrast ratio, but it is believed to be lower than the previous 500 lumens LED projector PLED-W500. Function: Since the Acer K335 has not disclosed, it is temporarily impossible to compare. The Optoma ML1000 can be connected to a Wi-Fi wireless network receiver, and can be directly wirelessly projected with a laptop or Android and iOS mobile devices, making it easy to create a wireless enjoyment of LifeStyle. It has built-in two sets of 3W speaker speakers, and is equipped with SRS stereo surround sound technology. No external speakers are required, and you can enjoy loud and clear sound quality. Lifespan: According to Acer, due to the use of the latest LED light source, the service life of the K335 has also been extended to 30,000 hours, which is higher than the previous 10,000 hours of LED light sources. Optoma also promotes the use of high-efficiency, low-power, high-brightness LEDs as the light source, no ultraviolet or thermal radiation interference, environmental protection, no mercury, and compliance with EU RoHS requirements, eliminating environmentally harmful substances, and the life of the light source can reach 200 million hours. Above, there is almost no need to change the light bulb, which is fully in line with the concept of energy saving and environmental protection. Interface: Acer K335 is basically the same as Optoma ML1000, including VGA, SD card, USB, HDMI, Composite Video and other mainstream interfaces. Comment: With the breakthrough of the low-lumen bottleneck of LED projectors and the introduction of high-definition chips, LED projectors have ushered in the era of practicality. LED projectors are gradually being accepted by more and more people. With the increase in brightness, coupled with excellent portability, most people in the industry believe that LED projectors are expected to replace traditional portable business projectors. Of course, projection manufacturers have also seen the market prospects, constantly improving the brightness of LEDs, making them truly portable and meeting the needs of daily business presentations. As a manufacturer focusing only on the Ru0026D, manufacturing and sales of projection systems, Optoma naturally wants to lead the potential needs of consumers, so it is the leader in the industry to exclusively launch the ML1000 projector whose brightness is twice as high as the previous generation, which is mobile for the new generation. The projector sets the latest standard. Judging from the overall performance configuration of the machine, it is indeed very innovative, and I believe it will definitely bring a new visual experience to users. It is expected to be listed first. Acer's new LED projector K335 is based on the information disclosed so far. The main feature is 1000 lumens high brightness and 30,000 hours life. The rest of the functions have not been announced yet, so it is impossible to determine what is going on. But judging from the new light source projectors introduced by Acer in the past, it is believed that the performance configuration will not be weak, and there will be all the functions that should be available. However, the time to market is expected to be later, and who can win the favor of users will only be visible after the listing. However, their listing is believed to further boost the rapid development and popularization of the LED projector market.
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