The LED rental screen market provides more possibilities for the LED display market_full-color LED d

The LED rental screen market provides more possibilities for the LED display market_full-color LED display manufacturer Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-10-02
Outdoor small-pitch LED displays have always been a major direction for the development of the small-pitch LED display market. The market has a large capacity. The industry estimates that this market will be larger than indoor small-pitch LED displays. However, with the continuous strengthening of the country's control of outdoor advertising, the development of this ascendant market has also become more difficult, and the reduction of outdoor fixed LED display projects in disguise has made competition more fierce. The fierce competition has arrived ahead of schedule, and the refreshing blue ocean market has gradually turned into a red ocean. Although the market supply has not overflowed, it is not far from saturation, so the LED rental screen market will provide more for the LED display market. possible. In recent years, the small-pitch LED display technology has been continuously upgraded and widely used, making great contributions to the development of LED display. However, with the in-depth construction of the government’s livelihood projects, first- and second-tier cities across the country have issued outdoor advertising management documents. For example, in April 2017, the Shanghai Municipal Greening and City Appearance Administration issued the Ed)”, on July 5, 2017, the Jinan Municipal Government approved the “Special Plan for Outdoor Advertising and Plaques in Jinan City”. These cities have begun to vigorously carry out renovations, and the pace of development of LED displays seems to have been forced to slow down, especially in the field of outdoor fixed installations. What is a market in the end? Enterprises have the most say, because the market is for the enterprises and the fertile soil is for the farmers. In some previous interviews, many companies, such as LED display module manufacturer Mingxingguang, have bluntly said that they are very optimistic about the LED rental screen market. Many companies even do not hesitate to transform in order to do a good job in LED rental screen products. They generally believe that small-pitch LED displays in the indoor market are developed for projects such as monitoring rooms and command rooms. Although there are markets, they should be far inferior to outdoor. Especially for LED rental screens, all kinds of large-scale domestic music festivals and anniversaries are yours and I will be on stage. In the years after the 2008 Olympics, LED display projects were dominated by government projects, which is a rare encounter in a few years. Nowadays, domestic private capital is dominated, and the continuity and frequency of it are hard to beat by the former, and it is basically once a year. Such as the Strawberry Music Festival, the carnival of Douyu TV, a large-scale live broadcast platform, and so on. The LED rental screen market is not limited to outdoor LED displays, and the market demand for indoor LED rental screens is also great. In the early years, at Jay Chou’s concerts, led display screens were used to present visual feasts. In recent years, various brilliant visual effects created through LED rental screens have become the gimmicks and highlights of various star concerts. For example, the rental screen case of Amei and Jacky Cheung’s concert this year has created a dreamy and perfect world by matching various high-tech cutting-edge technologies, and gave the audience a full-fledged feast. This is all memorable. This effect greatly enhances the charm of the concert, and also enhances the depth and breadth of the LED rental market. The leasing market can be said to be the most complex and competitive in the industry, because the demand here is the strongest, the barriers to entry are the lowest, and the leasing companies are also the most. From the Spring Festival Gala, concerts, evening parties, high-end conferences to small weddings, roadshows, and shopping malls, there will be LED rental screens to help out. The LED display rental business has developed particularly well in the wedding market, which has now formed an industrial scale and has become a very stable industry growth point. In some large-scale high-end meetings, the presence of LED displays is also common. Although such occasions cannot be said to have exhausted all aspects of the leasing market, they also account for the most valuable part. The LED rental screen market is not only a market worth digging deeper, but also a hammer that can refine enterprises and train good enterprises. Nowadays, some common standards in the industry, such as quick installation, quick inspection, and thinner cabinet, all come from the requirements of the LED rental screen market for LED displays. Many excellent application solutions and technologies in the industry are also tested and optimized in the leasing market, and finally grow. Therefore, the LED rental screen market is a very important application market to improve the industry level. He covers all levels including indoor, outdoor, high-end and low-end. To win the market with the fiercest competition in this industry and closest to customers, companies must make breakthroughs in product content, sales channels, and after-sales service. . Therefore, the company that can win in the LED rental screen market must be the one who understands the customer best, and must be the most likely to cross the gate.
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