the lg pf1000uw minibeam ultra short throw projector could be the perfect fit for your living room-X

the lg pf1000uw minibeam ultra short throw projector could be the perfect fit for your living room

by:XY Screens     2019-11-30
Matt Dunn watched CES 2018: The weird and wonderful world of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.
This could be the source of your answer to the space limit: What would you think if I told you it was possible to get 100
Small to an inch TV that can be put in a backpack?
You might think I\'m more likely to stumble than Hunter.
Thompson was on his drive while in the fear and disgust of the Bat Country in Las Vegas.
I can safely say that there is no hallucinator in my crazy claim, instead I am talking about LG\'s miniature beam ultra-short projection projector.
The $2499 gadget, known as the LG PF1000UW, has a high contrast full HD 1080 p image of up to 100-
Inch, there is a built-in high frequency and Ultra High Frequency TV tuner that can be viewed for freeTo-
Air and all the apps that come standard with Smart TV
A compact TV replacement is basically provided.
DESIGNOverall, when the product is not used, the wow factor of the product will not be the same as that of LG\'s razor thin oled, but considering that its weight is only 1.
9 kg and measures 13. 1 x 30. 9 x 12.
9 cms, easy to hide if focusing primarily on the independent look.
On the side and back of the projector you will find the following connections: power HDMI x2 USB 2. 0 x 2 3.
5mm audio output optical S/PDIF output LAN antenna/CATV connector unit has a wheel on top for adjusting focus and a small button to provide limited control --
If you are a person who often loses the remote control, it is worth watching.
The projector only needs to be placed 38 cms from the surface you want to display the image.
Source: The quality of the images provided may not be 4 k, but this does not mean full HD for LG (1920×1080)
The projector does not punch in the picture quality-
When I first opened it, I was shocked by the clarity, color and detail of the image.
Since it is a short projection projector, you need to set it 11 cm from the surface to get 60-
Inch display or 38 cm distance to get 100-Inch projection.
The added benefit is that your viewing will not be interrupted by ugly shadows because someone walks in front of the projected beam.
Brightness is 1000 lumens-
Measurement of the total amount of visible light emitted by the light source --
Even when viewed in a room with plenty of ambient light, the projector offers excellent color balance and high color saturation.
That is to say, the darker the room, the better.
Obviously moving the projector back further to get a larger picture than in the ideal performance range can result in lower quality pictures, but even within those distances the image is still impressive.
One drawback is that the focus is-screen text —
It can still be read, just not as clear as you can see on traditional TV.
LG PF1000UW also offers four corner keystone corrections, which means you can project the image to a rectangle as uniform as possible.
The projector is also simple-to-
Use the operating system on lg TV.
Source: supply function this device comes with the same remote control as the lg TV and can also run on webOS 3.
0, it itself offers an incredible array of streaming services including Netflix, Stan, ABC iView, and YouTube without the need for a wired set-top box or media player. webOS 3.
0 also provides an app store to download anything available but not up to standard on the device
All you need to do is make sure your projector is connected to Wi-Fi.
Another popular feature on LG PF1000UW is the ability to watch videos or watch content directly from a USB stick, and the projector supports a variety of file formats.
Again, you can use the antenna connector to watch a live TV on your device.
In terms of sound.
The unit has two 3 w speakers-
With that in mind, though I would encourage you to spend a little more money on an accompanying sound bar if you buy this device.
Finally keep in mind that the projector has a 30,000 hour LED light engine and you will get a limited life if no replacement lights are purchased for this unit.
This is equivalent to four hours a day for 20 years.
Verdict while I am a huge ambassador for oled and the 4 k benefits they can bring, I am impressed with this short projection projector.
The quality of the pictures is amazing, and for those looking for something of this type, this is a very space-saving solution.
If I buy a new TV in the market but am not sure what I want to buy, I would strongly consider marking it as a physical option.
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