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the lightank w100 is a smart projector with a fully functional pc inside

by:XY Screens     2019-11-17
With the advancement of technology, there are more gadgets, and other devices are no longer needed in the end.
For example, smartphones no longer need to carry cameras with them for temporary use;
Or most people need a physical notebook or calculator.
Lightankis, a Chinese technology company, wants to do the same in terms of projectors.
Last week, it released a smart projector in Beijing with built-in Intel processors and Windows 10 operating systems --in.
This makes it less than a full projector
It\'s really on the computer.
Smart projector called W100 with Office 365 and Skype-
All you really need to do is pair the mouse with the keyboard (
It\'s all included in the package)
Complete settings-up.
The W100 is capable of projecting onto any surface image up to 1000 ANSI lumens (
Standardized measurement of light)
, So that it can be used as a computer out of the box.
It\'s also small, about 1 pound.
The image projected by the W100 is as clear as the LCD display, and its LED light source can last for 10 years, Lightank said.
The W100 is also equipped with built-in speakers and microphones
So it should also work well for conference calls.
Lightank says the W100 can start and start the projection in 10 seconds.
The W100 will be sold on JD.
Starting on July 12, 4,999 yuan.
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