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The longest one will fly high

by:XY Screens     2021-09-25
Back then, I went to work in society earlier, and after work, I met like-minded friends who are basically older than me. The so-called: three people, there must be my teacher. Based on this, I learned a lot of experience and knowledge from friends. Of course, friends around me Entrepreneurs are not a few, and most of them are successful. Seeing this, I am impetuous, and I want to follow my friends, raise my hands and start my own business. When I was at a loss, my friend Tang Shijie used the famous sentence of 'Cai Gen Tan' to Encouragement. 'Those who take a long time will fly high, and those who open the first will be able to fly higher. Knowing this can avoid the worries of rushing and dispel impatient thoughts.    Among friends, the relationship between Tang Shijie and me is better. From us The lighting factory, which has worked together for many years, moved to Zhuhai. Our group of colleagues who have worked hard on that platform for many years, sweating and working hard, due to their different factors, must not go, do not go to Zhuhai with the company, and stay resolutely In Shenzhen, we believe that we can be recognized by the senior management of the company through our outstanding work performance in this factory. Then, as long as we treat the work with the same mentality and attitude in any factory, we will definitely have our own sky.   Recall in Lighting Bit by bit of the factory, we have experienced together, and we are still passionate and proud of it. In the year when the company's orders were the most, the orders were the total sales of the previous three years. It is also our responsibility for the supply chain system. A tiring year. In the hottest months of July, August, September and September, the company also ushered in a hot period for the company's order shipments. A factory with 2,000 people will ship 7 40-foot containers in one night. In order to satisfy the company The number of employees in the production department of the order production company surged from 800 to 2,200 that year. In those three months, in order to meet the company's order delivery date, we directly stationed in the factory to supply the materials in order to ensure the delivery date of the materials. The business office requires the supplier to work in two shifts. But we have only one person from the main supplier to stick to it. The supplier is in two shifts, and we are one person with him in two shifts, watching their production progress and watching their production Good product rate. And on-site quality counseling. To ensure that the materials returned to the factory are good products. After hard work, I often take a nap on the desk provided by the supplier. We in order to ensure that the surface treatment materials can be produced according to Delivery on schedule, holding the order ingredient list in hand, in the harsh environment of the surface treatment factory, enduring strong acid and alkali, dust flying, and irritating gas from time to time.. In this way, we have not slept peacefully for three months. On the most stressful and critical days, I remember that I have not been home for a week, and I have not taken a shower for a week in the hot summer. The clothes on my body are wet and dry, dry and wet. At the same time, it emits. There is a strong sour smell of sweat. It may be difficult for outsiders to imagine why we would do this in order to ensure the company's punctual shipments. If I say that it is for the purpose of tempering myself, some people may call me hypocritical. But the facts are also true. It is true that I have tempered myself. All these are just to fulfill the promise to the company.    As a purchaser, we often go to various industrial exhibitions to learn about the latest materials, observe the latest craftsmanship, and collect the latest information. Back to the information for the company's reference, we took the initiative to go Understand the supplier’s craftsmanship and assist them in solving technological difficulties. We also integrate the company’s material resources, improve craftsmanship, and improve costs.   , we have also accepted the Whampoa Military Academy, which is known as the enterprise management training institution-Xi Enhancing the militarized intensive training of management training. Let our execution ability, result-oriented tracking ability, department management ability, and business ability. Take it to the next level.    Now, among the colleagues who left the lighting factory at the same time, self-employed entrepreneurs, Seven or eight out of ten. The success of our group of people is not about having any high-tech technology in hand, nor is it a unique trade operation, but in the processing industry that has become an industry and is fiercely competitive. The success of our group of people lies in While still at work, you can complete company-related work as a master, and you can eat all the hardships that ordinary people are not willing to experience. The success of our group of people lies in the accumulation of professional knowledge, the consolidation of personal connections, and the market Our keen awareness. Our success lies in the loyalty to the former company, in exchange for the support of the former company’s top management.    Although I am not talented, I only get the position of buyer in the company, which is far from my old colleagues before. . But I would like to share with you the famous quotes that my friends gave me and my experience with my old colleagues. In this impetuous and imaginary city and era. I hope every colleague can calm down and be well. He has improved his quality in all aspects.
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