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The New Kingdom of Digital Cinema Talking about the Decade of Chinese Digital Cinema

by:XY Screens     2021-09-02
Digital cinema is full of times and cannot restrain its “charm”       Since Edison invented the continuous film projector in 1891, the basic technology of film projection has not changed, that is, the use of film and projector. Producers make copies of the films that have been made, and then ship them to theaters for screening. However, with the birth of digital cinema in the 1980s, the entire process of film production, distribution, and preservation has undergone changes. Digital movies are filmed, produced and stored with digital technology and equipment, and are directly transmitted or distributed to theaters via satellites, optical fiber cables or optical discs, and the theaters are projected by digital projectors. Compared with traditional film movies, the advantages of digital movies are mainly reflected in: saving movie production costs, innovating production methods, and improving production standards; through high-definition camera technology, it has achieved the convergence with the high-definition era; digital media storage, always maintained The quality is stable, there will be no wear, aging, etc., and there will be no jitter and flicker; transmission and distribution do not require film processing, the distribution cost is greatly reduced, and there will be no quality loss during the transmission process; and if satellite synchronization technology is used , It can also be added such as live broadcast of major cultural and sports activities, distance education and training, etc., changing the single mode of cinema film projection and transforming it to a real-time, multi-functional, multi-channel, and multi-directional business model. These are beyond the reach of film movies. China's digital cinema is a key every year in the past decade. The many advantages of digital cinema have made the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television keenly aware of the importance of digital cinema to the future development of Chinese cinema. At this time, my country's cinemas are affected by the traditional system and piracy. , Is at its lowest point. As of 2000, there were only less than 400 traditional film screens left in the country. In 2001, China began to carry out experimental screenings of digital films. At the beginning of the following year, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television invested 200 million yuan to start the market. In the same year, China Film also opened the curtain of the theater system reform. In June 2002, China Film Group Corporation digital film management and management The center was established, and the China Film Group Digital Cinema Company was listed at the end of the year. After the General Administration invested in the installation and renovation of nearly 200 digital movie screens, foreign capital and other private capital began to intervene, and the scale of digital movies gradually expanded. At the end of 2008, the total number of digital cinema screens in the city exceeded 800. 'From 2001 to 2009, it was a very important stage for China's digital cinema. It was a stage in which business methods and profit models were gradually established. It was also a period in which audiences gradually returned to the theater. Vigorous development has laid the foundation.' said Wang Zhe, general manager of China Lottery. Huacai has worked in China's digital movie market for many years and is a provider of digital cinema equipment in China. Since 2009, China’s digital cinema has entered a stage of rapid growth. Of course, there are some reasons why people pay more attention to cultural life due to the improvement of living standards, overseas movie-watching craze and recognition of digital film quality, but more importantly, The emergence of 3D digital movies. Digital 3D movies are different from early 3D movies. The clarity and stereo level and technical level have been greatly improved, giving people a great sense of enjoyment. In September 2008, China introduced the first digital 3D film 'Journey to the Center of the Earth' to test the waters, which created a high box office of 69.6 million yuan. After that, imported 3D films continued to create box office surprises in the Chinese market. In 2009, 'Ice Age' '3' became the first introduced 3D movie with a box office of over 100 million yuan. In 2010, 'Avatar' set a box office miracle of 1.378 billion yuan.   In this regard, Qi Zhiyong, deputy general manager of China Film Digital Film Corporation, said, '3D movies are undoubtedly a catalyst for accelerating the development of China's digital film market.' In the early stage of the development of digital projection, due to the high price of digital projection equipment, it was difficult to see economic benefits at the time. Therefore, the projection equipment was mainly provided in the form of third-party rental. Cinemas and theaters have begun to purchase their own screening equipment. Before September 2008, there were 843 digital projection equipment nationwide, and 216 theaters and theaters purchased equipment, accounting for 26% of the country's total. However, since the domestic release of 3D movies, as of July 2010, the number of 2K digital equipment nationwide was 3,050, and theaters and theaters purchased 1,753 units, accounting for 57.5% of the country’s 2K digital equipment. In less than two years, it has more than doubled. In 2011, the self-purchasing ratio has further increased, and the total number of screens will also surge to 8,000.   In addition to the 3D acceleration factor, the reform of the cinema chain is gradually improving, and the entry of capital from various sources is also the main reason. The theater system breaks the administrative division and closed state to form a whole in the domestic region, reduces the distribution level and release time and cost, and strengthens the connection between the theater and the distribution company, expands the scale of the movie market, and promotes movie resources The flow of the film market has established a soundly functioning film market mechanism. The theater reform has also enabled various sources of capital to enter the film market. With strong capital backing and the support of a new management model, there has been a wave of investment in the construction and transformation of modern multi-hall theaters. The successive establishment of hundreds of theaters has gradually brought back to life the old-style auditorium-style single-hall theaters in Menkeluoque. More importantly, the operation of the theaters has directly led to the rapid establishment of multi-hall theaters in the commercial centers of large and medium-sized cities in China. The rapid increase in the number of screens, the development of the urban crowd's viewing habits, and the increase in the box office have mutually promoted the virtuous circle relationship, which has created the continued popularity of digital movies in China today.
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