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The new standard in the projection industry Color brightness (CLO) parameters help you choose '

by:XY Screens     2021-09-07
As the most important picture color measurement parameter, the color brightness (CLO) standard has been recognized by various well-known IT media and authoritative organizations abroad. 'Information Display Measurement Standards' (IDMS) released the measurement method of color brightness in June 2012. 'Information Display Measurement Standards' (IDMS) was compiled by the International Display Measurement Committee ICDM under the management of the International Information Display Association (SID). The International Display and Metrology Committee ICDM conducted a preliminary review of the 'color brightness' index introduced by 3LCD researchers into the market a few years ago, and concluded that 'color brightness' (CLO) is a scientifically relevant item. measurement standard. Color brightness provides consumers with an index to evaluate the color performance of the projector, which is conducive to consumers to make better purchase choices. The quality of the image projected by all projectors is the same. Isn't this correct? Our objective evaluation, this statement is completely wrong! The picture below uses two sets of the same brightness and price, and they are projected in the factory setting mode. The result is self-evident. Projectors with high color brightness can present clearer, brighter and natural images to customers. The low-color-brightness picture is dull and dim. With the popularity of the color brightness (CLO) standard in the world, China has gradually kept up with the pace of international standards. Recently, the color brightness (CLO) standard has been incorporated into their respective projections by the well-known domestic IT authoritative portals IT168 and Bitnet. The computer standard has become an important reference index for many users to perform performance query and select projector products on the network. The inclusion of a well-known IT portal in China this time shows that the country has gradually begun to conform to international standards, and it can better help users to screen products with outstanding images. The color brightness (CLO) standard is bound to become an important measure of projector performance in the future. index. The author conducts research on color brightness (CLO). It is found that the 3LCD projection technology fully utilizes the energy of the light source, while outputting an image with the same color brightness as the white brightness, and the color performance of the screen is more balanced. As shown in the figure below, the 3LCD projection technology uses the following optical principles, where red, green, and blue light are superimposed to form white light. According to the IDMS calculation method, color brightness u003d white brightness. The author feels that when I buy a projector on weekdays, I can’t understand the color output capability of the projector. As a result, more accurate color images cannot be projected after purchase. For users like design companies, customers who require high image quality. Now we can clearly know the color performance capability of the projector according to the color brightness (CLO) indicator. It's really a blessing for consumers! Before the publication of the color brightness (CLO) standard, the brightness parameters of books and major portals related to the projector were simply expressed as white brightness, but the white brightness was only obtained by measuring the white light output of the projector. Can not accurately reflect the true level of the projector's screen performance, the performance of graphics and colors is the focus of everyone's attention. As a leader in the projector industry, Epson first proposed the color brightness (CLO) standard in combination with 3LCD technology, providing consumers with an important indicator for evaluating color performance when purchasing projectors. It is worth mentioning that when users view For a certain product, the white light brightness value should be equal to the color brightness value, so that the resulting picture is perfect and meets contemporary display standards. When the two values u200bu200bare not equal, for example, when the color brightness is lower than the white light brightness, the picture looks The color is not balanced, causing the white picture to be very bright, the color picture becomes dim, the level is reduced, the visual perception is reduced, and the visual impact and the accuracy of the picture are reduced. For today's colorful multimedia content, viewers certainly hope that the projector can perfectly output colorful images. The color brightness (CLO) is to provide consumers with an index to evaluate the color performance of the projector. Therefore, when consumers buy a projector, in addition to confirming the white brightness of the projector, please be sure to understand its color brightness.
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