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the new world of pocket projectors

by:XY Screens     2019-11-16
A few weeks ago, on the times, I reviewed the Optoma Pico Projector: a video projector so small that you can put it in your pocket.
Then, when a little bit of entertainment is needed, you can take it out, connect it to your iPod or iPhone, project your video to a nearby wall, ceiling or plane seat back-a more satisfying experience than watching a movie in two hours --inch screen.
I still believe, Micro
The projector is one of the coolest inventions of the year.
However, I was in trouble when I wrote: \"The Pico projector was the first one like this.
Anyway, this is what Optoma told me.
I checked Google and confirmed.
I didn\'t find any other \"Pocket Projector\" or \"pico projector\" on sale at the time.
But the reader made it clear to me that the 3 m-like projector MPro110 has been on the market for a few weeks.
Two days later, Aiptek released a press release promoting its own PocketCinema V10.
It was also advertised as the first. (
\"This is the first product to actually be commercially available,\" its PR staff wrote . \".
\"Aiptek is the first company to really bring them to market. ”)Sigh.
Anyway, one thing is clear: if Optoma is the first of its kind, it is no longer.
So fair and equal time: Here\'s a review of the 3 m and Aiptek pocket projectors.
The MPro110, a 3 m micro professional projector, costs about $300 online, well below Optoma ($430).
It\'s about the same size (2 x . 9 x 4. 5 inches)
But not so bright;
It stretches out about 6 feet from your \"screen\" and projects about 40 inch of the image diagonally.
And the Optoma projector has a tiny, faint built-in-
In the Speaker, there is no 3 m at all.
If you are going to use it for a movie, you must also plan to connect the headphones or speakers.
However, the biggest difference is the expected source of video.
The Optoma projector is almost exclusively for ipod, iphone and other smartphones that can play video, as well as video sources with RCA cables-red/white/yellow cable groups-such as cameras, DVD players, game consoles, digital cameras and other sources.
But you can\'t connect it to a laptop (for spur-of-the-
Conference room PowerPoint presentation, for example).
On the other hand, the 3 m projector is by far the only micro projector that accepts the standard laptop video signal (
It has a VGA connector).
On the one hand, it seems a bit silly to use a micro projector on a laptop;
In the end, the projected image is not much larger than the laptop\'s own screen.
Nevertheless, there is a difference between showing slides to three people and showing slides to eight people.
3 m also accepts input from RCA cable like Optoma.
Some iPod models can use the Apple iPod Dock to successfully use a 3 m projector to transfer stills and videos.
3 m says the projector can only hold still photos on the iPhone, not videos, but I can\'t get the iPhone to project anything at all. (
Optoma shows iPhone videos effortlessly, but does not show photos. )
Compared to 90 minutes on Optoma, the 3 m battery lasts 40 to 60 minutes.
A third approach is needed for iptec PocketCinema V10.
However, this Optoma seems to be made in heaven for ipod and iphone (
With proper cable)
3 m is a better option for a laptop, Aiptek has a memory card slot and, more interestingly, 1 gb built inin storage.
In other words, you can carry this thing with you without any other equipment, pre-load, ready to tilt your elevator at any time without having to connect or set anything up. (
You have to convert your pictures and movies to the preferred format of the projector, which can be headachey. )
Unless the laptop has RCA or S-
Video connectors, these two connectors are rare on a laptop, or VGA-to-RCA adapter. (
Any video source with RCA cable will work again. )
PocketCinema ($300)
Larger than other projectors (4. 9 x 2. 1 x 0. 9)
But only it has a decent speaker, remote control and tripod. (
Maximum image and distance: 42-
Image of 5 feet. )
Strangely, it also has a complete menu, just like a normal business projector;
You can adjust things like contrast and brightness. (
Although who would want to raise the low brightness of the projector with only 10 lumens at the beginning? )
It\'s very interesting to see the different ways of these emerging mini games
The projector company is moving into the brand. new technology;
No one knows exactly who the target audience is.
The 3 m projector is called \"professional\" and is packed in ancient plates and companies;
On the other hand, Aiptek\'s box depicts more than 20 people in roller skating-I\'m not kidding-roller skating.
Anyway, I have clarified.
The new world of micro projectors has launched three machines, not just one.
All of them are very welcome!
Comments are no longer accepted. Thanks David.
I\'m glad you could contribute some space to the 3 m Micro Pro review.
Because I work 3 metres (
There is a terrible prejudice against anything that is not from the mothership)
I would like to know how you think our products are competing with other products.
A recent home renovation led to a huge blank wall.
I decided it was the perfect place to show \"art\" instead of buying some huge artwork that I couldn\'t afford.
Or a photo of that.
Imagine a large wall in your home showing a constant rotation of personal photos . . . . . . Occasionally, will Warhol or Da Vinci be thrown in?
Now it becomes more interesting.
I thought I had to connect to the laptop but you mentioned using the memory card. Genius!
Does anyone know of a more substantial projector with a memory card?
Peter Steinberg
Flashlight books.
Recommend such good books and they will keep you awake before going to bed. ; )
\". . . If Optoma is the first of its kind, then it is no longer.
\"Actually, if it\'s the first of its kind, it\'s still.
It is no longer the only one of its kind.
Hi David, love to read your post!
Like a fast logo
In the mobile era, there is also an example: Dell MYPs projector/tinyurl.
Deb. com/5wyas3Best
Just saw this Dell pocket projector. with 50 lumens!
About the same price:/dealmac. com/Dell-M109-S-Ultraportable-LED-DLP-Projector-for-399-free-Shipping/267249.
Html/Attachment. us. dell.
Com/sna/product details. aspx? sku=224-
0939 & cs = 04 & c = us & l = en & dgc = SS & cid = 30098 & lid = 674094 looks like something new and big in the projector.
I love the column update on the pocket projector.
But when I see it in my email inbox, the small font of the subject line makes me believe you \'ve written a column on the pocket * protector *-a real OGoriginal geek)technology.
How about David?
Of course, a review of the features and progress of the pocket protector should have been long overdue!
Do they still have a special location for your slide rules?
At first glance, I thought the title of this week\'s column was \"the new world of pocket guards \". ” er. . yeah.
I\'m glad you\'re a jerk, sir.
Bogg, but not that guy!
If I read the title \"The new world of pocket protectors\", Am I a dinosaur?
The slide rules get Dusty . . . . . . This is the other one, though it seems only Japan at the moment:/www. electronista.
Com/article/08/12/03/adtec. intros. vga.
Dell also has projectors/accessories. us. dell.
Com/sna/product/projector/product details. aspx?
C = us & l = en & s = bsd & cs = 04 & sku = 224-
09 39i thought it was a pocket protector!
I\'m so excited. . .
I think one day we will continue to hope for new technologies in this critical area.
\"Although who would want to raise the low brightness of a projector with only 10 lumens at the beginning?
Depending on the cost and type of light source, if I am sorting out and previewing a presentation or video sequence, I may turn the light down to \"almost invisible \"--
Enough to \"proofread\" it.
I\'m used to the fact that the \"projector bulb\" burns fairly fast, and turning off the output usually increases the life span . . . . . . If these bulbs use new technologies that are not worn out, then this may not be important.
\". . . Who wants to turn down the brightness of a projector with only 10 lumens in the beginning? ”Battery life.
You didn\'t mention the battery life of PocketCinema, but I expect that adjusting the brightness as low as possible can significantly extend the battery life.
The light source may be the largest battery consumption in the equipment;
It uses solid state storage and does not require a very powerful CPU to render video.
If the projected image is 40 inch, it is much larger than the laptop screen.
Dell also has MYPs projectors:/accessories. us. dell.
Com/sna/product/projector/product details. aspx?
C = us & l = en & cs = 19 & sku = 224-
09 39i has reason to carefully check some of them, including some products that have not yet been publicly available.
I just changed 3 m to Dell on a recent app.
$100, slightly heavier, slightly larger, but also brighter, with higher resolution.
I think it\'s 70 lumens.
Although I\'m not sure about these numbers.
Compare it to lumens, usually 1000 to 2000
Size projector, you can see the light of these pico projectors, especially the light of the dimmer, more like a flashlight that happens to be able to display computer images. (
It\'s still a good trick, . . . . . . )
I hope they can all name their lumen rating and resolution in advance.
When you write: \"(
Optoma projects iPhone videos as videos that are effortless but do not take photos. )
You probably mean the still picture, right?
Because press \"play\" for slides in the iPhone photo app \".
It should be turned into a video feed that the projector should display.
Thank you for clarifying this.
Also, what do you think about the brightness, clarity and image clarity of your respective devices?
Dell looks interesting, but it seems to only run on AC power, not on battery.
\"Dell also has MYPs projectors,\" others wrote . \"
Looks like you can\'t fit Dell in your pocket.
But more importantly, it has to be plugged into the AC power supply to work.
So it\'s far less useful or versatile than others (
Tent walls, planes, etc. ).
-How long before someone puts the projector in the hat?
Thank you for writing about the pocket projector.
Are you going to Mac World and CES?
If so, please make a report on the attached projector of Microvision.
I believe their technology will be the golden standard for judging others.
In addition, please report the Microvision wearable display and HUD technology.
Thanks for the cost of ownership, what is the life of each projector, including the Dell projector;
What is the price of replacing the bulb?
Dear Mr. Boger, I bought Aiptek in Germany.
About a month ago.
I would definitely not recommend this for the following reasons.
Poor installation of plastic battery box cover.
It\'s hard to turn on and off.
You need to turn on and retrieve/replace the battery as this is the only way to restart the projector.
The software in the box is a nightmare (
Windows only)
And generate a video file about 10 times larger than the original video file for the projector.
So you definitely need to buy an 8 gb card or forget the video.
This also means that a 700 MB film takes up the entire 8 gb card.
They recommend an 8 gb card, but it\'s not that it\'s actually a pre-
Necessary conditions for displaying any video.
Aiptek support, Germany (
I think it\'s Europe)extremely poor.
It took me three weeks to email before making a little progress.
Then all of a sudden, they recommended a completely different video conversion software (
Same for windows only).
Updated software (
They sent me a link)
Admittedly, it works a bit better, but the conversion is still slow.
Supports accurate video file formats that have never been able to describe playing on this machine, and gives me conflicting and completely inaccurate information.
The training of support personnel appears to be poor.
Sometimes the video file plays normally and sometimes there is no sound but the image is good.
If you have a mac-don\'t think about it unless you just want to project. jpg’s .
I have XP on bootcamp but it makes the whole process very slow, tedious and boring.
They connect the iPhone (
You also need to get the Apple AV cable)work for .
Jpeg stills, but the video on the iPhone cannot be displayed at all.
For me, these are the people who break the deal.
The projector works fine.
Sound can be heard in a quiet room.
Be careful, it will heat to high temperature and cannot be held in a few minutes (
So the position they provide).
I regret it when I bought it.
Is this the least comment you have received in the product review?
Maybe the market is not big.
Hey, as I read your article about the degradation of the video disc, I started thinking: Have you ever written an article or made a long video of the shelf --life?
Because technology changes so fast, most of your articles and videos are out of date in less than a year.
After hundreds of years no one will read your stuff, do you feel sad?
Or, do you know, unlike Shakespeare and Dante, that you have not tortured the children of the school for centuries, is it comforting for you? :-)
The so-called pocket projector has appeared since about 200-5 years, and the models produced by Toshiba, Samsung and others a few years ago are not very different from the ones you are currently reviewing.
This aspect of the industry seems to be in some kind of time warp.
If you are looking for progressive technology, you will find yourself just waiting. and waiting…….
I do not agree with the Nabi that although they have been around for nearly 5/6 years, the concept has made a leap-the current incarnation is a stepping stone-which is taken for granted, but they are in the mainstream
Amazon will even give them stock)
There is no doubt that in the next 18 months the phone will appear-which will allow them to go further along the chain of \"what to develop\"-at least in my opinion . . . . . .
12 months later, I\'m sure a decent res micro projector will be available in the UK.
Rye, microproject 5. co. uk//www. Microprojector5. co.
Since 2000, ukDavid Pogue\'s technical column has appeared on The Times every Thursday.
He wrote The Times every week.
The email column \"from David Boger\'s desk\" produced a short, fun Web video for The New York Times.
Com, and post the entry to his time blog.
In his other life, David was an Emmy winner.
CBS News\'s winning reporter, NPR\'s regular contributor to The Morning Edition, creator of the missing Handbook series of computer books, and father of three children. //\'); while(x=eval(x)); }
Hiveware _ enkoder (); document. write(\'\'); //]]
After writing personal technology for the times for 13 years, David Boger will open a consumer technology website at Yahoo.
Readmore. . . The Jambox Mini is small enough to fit in a coat pocket and make a richer, clearer and louder sound than the weak speakers on your phone, tablet or laptop. Readmore…T-
Mobile plans to cancel international roaming charges are bold and transparent.
This shows that we have been paying for crazy things for free.
The latest version of the Kindle Fire is still focused on its main purpose: to encourage consumers to buy more from Amazon.
But it\'s easier, clearer and faster than previous models.
Yes, Apple\'s Touch ID could be fooled
It is done by a determined attacker with time and resources.
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