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The newest partner of home theater-telephoto anti-light screen

by:XY Screens     2021-09-14
SNOWHITE provides customers with high-quality products with high color reproduction, high contrast, light resistance, and no damage to the eyes. The long-focus light-resistant screen is one of them. The long-focus light-resistant screen can be made into a soft screen and a hard screen. It is easy and quick to install. The hard screen adopts honeycomb aluminum plate + anti-light screen abdominal bonding + frame composition, which reduces the cumbersome process of client installation. The soft screen adopts automatic adjustment spring + anti-light soft screen + frame composition, so that the client can be assembled quickly and quickly , On the wall, it adopts anti-falling design, which is convenient and reliable to install. It is the best choice for business meetings, banquets, business negotiations, classrooms and other places; its surface is gray, and the structure of the hard screen is designed to maintain the flatness of the screen to the greatest extent, and the high-end atmosphere is beautiful; the overall picture is uniform and the viewing angle is wide. Above 120 degrees; compared with the glass fiber screen on the market, the white plastic screen has higher contrast, better image layering, and light-resistant screen. SNOWHITE telephoto anti-light screen related parameters: 1. Gain: 1.3; viewing angle (2α): 120 2. Special optical structure, which can effectively absorb ambient light and restore the true projection color. 3. The principle of reflection, the picture is soft and smooth, long-term viewing, the eyes will not be hurt or fatigued, and it can effectively protect the eyes. 4. The light resistance is excellent, and it can cope with ease in bright environments. 5. The image has high contrast, no matter what kind of environment, the color gradation is better. 6. Projectors above 500ANSI lumens are suitable for all ordinary telephoto projectors with LED and bulb light sources. 7. The frame is made of aluminum alloy material, ultra-narrow and ultra-thin frame design, the frame appearance is beautiful, ultra-thin and ultra-narrow, compact structure, fine workmanship, beautiful and generous recommended. 8. The installation is more aspect, faster, easy to use, stable and reliable performance. Description of the structure and installation principle of the telephoto anti-light screen: Optical principle: The screen is specular reflection in both the horizontal and vertical directions, that is, most of the energy of the light will be reflected to a symmetrical position on the central axis. The telephoto anti-light screen uses a special optical imaging principle to evenly distribute the image light horizontally and vertically, so that the viewer in the horizontal and vertical large angle area of u200bu200bthe screen can obtain a higher brightness, high contrast, and high definition image. The long-focus anti-light screen is the best choice for medium and low-brightness projectors to achieve high-end projection image quality. It is suitable for high-quality display applications such as personal film and television, conference rooms, interactive videos, games, and surveillance. Some application cases (customer photos): ▼Living room theater▼Cinema
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