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The old driver will take you to understand 3D holographic projection technology!

by:XY Screens     2021-08-21
With the development of science and technology, human beings continue to pursue innovation, and the application fields of 3D holographic projection technology are becoming more and more extensive. In science fiction movies, 3D holographic projection technology can display distant people or objects in the air. How does it achieve this? What about? To tell you, this is not achieved by digital technology, but the projection equipment projects images from different angles onto the holographic projection film, allowing you to see other images that do not belong to your own angle, thereby realizing a true 3D holographic stereoscopic image. The 3D holographic projection system can display the picture in 360 degrees in the air for a full view, with a more intense sense of depth, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. For example, the application of holographic projection technology on the stage, real people and unreal people play on the same stage, giving people a new visual experience. The holographic interactive projection system uses sensor equipment to capture and shoot the specified target, and then uses the image analysis system to analyze it, thereby generating the capture action, allowing the visitor to interact with the virtual influence, giving the audience a magical experience like a trick. 3D holographic projection is classified into 180-degree holographic projection imaging, 270-degree holographic projection, 360-degree holographic projection, and phantom imaging. Among them, 180-degree holographic projection can see objects floating in the air without wearing 3D glasses and seem to be touchable. , Flexible size, convenient installation and diversified content. The 270-degree holographic projection contains information such as the size, shape, brightness and contrast of the recorded object, and provides parallax. The observer can see it from different angles, as if being on the scene. 360-degree holographic projection can view images from multiple angles. 360-degree floating images are composed of theme model scenes, modeling lighting systems, optical imaging systems, film and television playback systems, computer multimedia systems, audio systems, control systems, etc. Phantom imaging: Phantom imaging is also called virtual imaging, which projects the pictures taken into the physical model, and the display content is more vivid and vivid, leaving a deep impression on people. The characteristic is: the picture is lifelike, without any equipment, it can achieve the effect of fake and real. Many people are most concerned about the price of 3D holographic projection. In fact, the price of 3D holographic projection varies greatly depending on the venue and content. The price cannot be determined according to the standard. It is judged according to the specific project situation. 3D holographic projection The projection quotation is the price of the software system + the price of the hardware system u003d the final quotation.
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