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The performance and characteristics of the network vertical advertising machine

by:XY Screens     2021-08-22
What are the characteristics and advantages of the network vertical advertising machine? The network vertical advertising machine is like a lock to connect various fields, such as advertising machines, hotels, restaurants, banks, campuses, shopping centers, bus stations, train stations, subway stations, Presented in public places such as hospitals, specialty stores, bars, KTV, sales centers, exhibition halls, stadiums, museums, etc. The network vertical advertising machine uses audio-visual and text interaction on LCD screens and LED screens to become a new type of media-based shopping mall, showing more vivid and creative advertising. The following analyzes the advantages of the vertical network advertising machine: 1. It can calculate the advertising content, frequency and time of the advertising machine in real time over a long distance, and constitute an accounting statement and provide it to the advertising purchaser as a voucher for advertising cost accounting. 2. It can carry out real-time active detection and monitoring of advertising machines over long distances and constitute a detection status statement. At the same time, it can actively send the fault information to the designated mailbox (optional) 3. It can publish instant text rollover information over long distances. Such as promotional information, meeting notifications, specials information, revelation of missing people, supply and demand information, new product listing information, etc. Temporary subtitles or images can be inserted in long-distance arbitrarily. It can complete split-screen broadcasting and complete business diversification. 4. Generous control commands: create group and user account/ play/stop/volume setting/open and close video output/restart/shut down/format CF card/send text notification/send RSS news/send play list/send Actively download broadcasting instructions/read CF card status, capacity, file name, etc. 5. Support RSS news feed: You can actively connect to Sina, Sohu, CNN and other websites to get real-time news, which is displayed in the scrolling notification area at the bottom of the screen. 6. Display of rolling notification: horizontal rolling text characters can be displayed at the bottom of the screen, which is convenient for various occasions requiring text notification. The display content can be updated at any time through the master computer (Media Server). 8. Scheduled download and scheduled show: The advertising player actively works according to the pre-edited parameters such as sleep, start time, scheduled download time, scheduled broadcast time and so on. 9. Actively download and play: The advertising player can download various advertising videos from the master computer (Media Server) at will or in accordance with the preset 'mission schedule10. Control by the master computer (Media Server): connected to one or more master computers (Media Server) in the local area network, and can send commands at any time to independently control one or more sets of advertising machines.
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