The price of large-screen panels fell by as much as 7 in October, and the future trend is confusing

The price of large-screen panels fell by as much as 7% in October, and the future trend is confusing

by:XY Screens     2021-10-13
A few days ago, the international panel analysis and statistics agency IHS released the latest panel prices in October 2017. The data showed that panel prices were still in a downward trend in October, especially for 40-inch and 43-inch panels, with the highest decline rate reaching 7%. The rapid decline in panel prices in the third quarter is considered by the industry to be of great help to TV manufacturers, especially those Chinese manufacturers who need to reduce high inventories and reduce financial burdens. This also helps them to use the most critical time for the upcoming Preparing for the promotion season in the global market. Although the price cut in October has broken through, it is still lower than market expectations. Especially for 32-inch and 55-inch, because TV manufacturers' demand for panels has rebounded, the price has not fallen much, and the market is forming a stable situation. The 40-inch and 43-inch declines are large, mainly because panel manufacturers hope to stimulate shipments at lower prices, but TV manufacturers are not eager to buy these panels, but are waiting for panel manufacturers to provide more The price concessions. In October of this year, because panel manufacturers had already adopted a low-price strategy, they were unwilling to further reduce prices. The price of larger panels such as 55-inch and 65-inch is even lower than the lowest price in the second quarter of 2016. Due to the reversal of panel prices, some TV manufacturers adjusted their planned shipments for this year accordingly. In the past 11 Golden Week, the market performance was not satisfactory. According to data monitoring from Aowei Cloud Network, during the eleventh period, the total sales volume of the domestic color TV market fell by 15.6% year-on-year, and the sales volume was only 11.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 11.9%. For the TV market, the eleventh promotion season is a very important key node. Such sluggish market sales can not help but make people worry about the overall color TV market this year. Seeing that the Double Eleven and Christmas promotions are coming soon, this will have a significant impact on the overall scale of China's color TV market in 2017. Facing the cold market situation, some manufacturers are willing to adopt a more active sales strategy and large-scale promotion, and want to further occupy the market share and gain a position in the hearts of consumers. Some manufacturers adopt a more stable strategy, preferring to reduce sales. Don't give too low discounts to keep costs. Of course, according to IHS analysis, the price factor is also affected by the negotiating power of panel suppliers. Some TV manufacturers use the high demand in the fourth quarter to obtain low-priced panels in the first quarter of 2018. Therefore, it is expected that the future panel price trend will be more confusing, and more influencing factors will be mixed in, such as the promotion target in the fourth quarter, the increase of production capacity next year, the sales strategy of TV manufacturers and so on. At present, more TV manufacturers will adopt methods of controlling inventory and reducing costs, especially before panel prices become stable.
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